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Simplifying and Standardizing UC with the Cisco Spark Board
Clunky software and thousands of dollars spent on collaboration tools have always seemed to be the norm for UC solutions...
John Greene, Sales Director, Mid-Atlantic
21 Mar, 2018
Voice Control in the Conference Room: The Impact of AI Assistants on Room D...
Design matters. This is a universal truth for all aspects of our lives, from business to technology. Now more than ever,...
John Greene, Sales Director, Mid-Atlantic
19 Mar, 2018
Using the E-Rate Program to Grow School Technology Programs
It is something we take for granted—our connectivity to the world around us. Whether we are working on a project at th...
Joe Gillis, Business Development Director
12 Mar, 2018
Data Security Isn’t a Top Priority but It Should Be
There is a problem that needs to be discussed when it comes to data security. Even though it is predicted that cybersecu...

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Joe Gillis, Business Development Director
5 Mar, 2018
Improve Accessibility with Virtualization
Mobile applications and their usage are growing fast. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), a whopping ...
Joe Gillis, Business Development Director
28 Feb, 2018
Simplify Disaster Recovery with Backup as a Service
From a simple power outage to a catastrophic hurricane, disasters can happen at any given moment. With technology usage ...
Marina Gregory
26 Feb, 2018