Four Hidden Benefits of Hiring a Managed Service Provider

By Joe Gillis, Global Business Development Director - 29 Aug, 2018
If you have been researching a managed service provider for your company, you may be aware of the overarching and obvious benefits. For example, an MSP can help you save time and money, all while improving your productivity and efficiency. MSPs add security protection to your data and ensure your backup plan is ready to go at a moment’s notice. Although this is enough to prove an MSPs worth, did you know there are hidden benefits that you may not have thought about? Let’s take a deeper look at four hidden benefits of hiring a managed service provider for your company.

Hidden Benefits of Hiring a Managed Service Provider: A Partner for Growth

In this day and age, technology is booming and increasing each and every day. As a business owner, you may struggle to keep up with all of the new responsibilities that technology adds to your plate and the plate of your IT department. Most of the time, responsibilities outside of their original roles take over, leaving you with a less than efficient team of IT professionals. As you focus on your company’s growth, your MSP will manage the scalability of your AV and IT services for you. Sometimes, businesses grow so suddenly that it takes ample time to ramp up IT services, updates and troubleshooting to keep the business going. An MSP is focused on making it easier for you to scale fast, while remaining secure, compliant and without downtime.

A Focus on Core Business

By outsourcing your IT management to an MSP, you will gain time and efficiency for both technical and non-technical employees within your organization. This allows your IT team to focus on what’s important: security and the growth of your company. MSPs are able to handle mundane tasks that take up so much of your IT team’s time and also keep an eye on trouble that could come against your data. Your core business practices such as human resources, marketing and sales all require your utmost attention. Unfortunately, as IT tasks grow, they begin to take precedence over the rest. An MSP gives you back your focus, allowing you to tackle all of the critical business tasks that are required for success.

Improved Vendor Relations

According to CSO, “The average company’s network is accessed by 89 different vendors every week, according to a new research report that surveyed more than 600 IT decision makers at mid-sized and large enterprises — but only a third were confident that they knew the exact number of vendors who had accessed their systems.” Not only a problem for security, managing third-party vendors takes time and effort on your part. With an MSP, vendor relations can be improved as a whole. MSPs can communicate with vendors on your behalf, making sure any issues are resolved quickly and everyone is on the same page, tracking the process until its end. They are able to make sense of the information that third-party vendors provide and work as a single point of contact for all third-parties. This allows you to communicate with one partner, instead of many contacts. If a process such as managing third-party vendors can be streamlined, it is best to do so. Working with a slew of contacts is a great way to be caught in a crossfire should trouble occur.

Access to Niche Professionals

As a business owner, you know how difficult it is to procure the right talent for all aspects of your business, especially your IT department. You need employees who are able to make informed decisions, know a little bit about a lot of things and are a great resource for development. Unfortunately, finding the time to seek these individuals out often goes on the back burner due to overwhelm. MSPs are able to support your entire system by being an inventory of resources for your business. MSPs include professionals in a wide variety of niches, all focusing on your business. You are able to source and ask questions through your MSP to these professionals almost instantly, the perfect addition to an already well-rounded team. It can be costly to hire professionals who are trained in the tasks that you require. By using an MSP, you gain a team of professionals for one price, a valuable partner that can help with your entire IT infrastructure. Are you sold yet? Finding an MSP is essential for managing your IT and AV efforts to the best of your ability. These hidden benefits of hiring a managed service provider are just the beginning of the benefits you will see within your company. Your IT department will be more organized and focused, you will gain a partner dedicated to your growth and access to professionals who are leading the IT and AV world. Reach out to New Era Tech today to learn more!

Author: Joe Gillis, Global Business Development Director

Joe Gillis, a graduate of Loyola University, began his career with FTG Technologies, a New Era Technology company, in 2010 as an Account Executive. After proving his skills in team-building, client interaction, and developing strategic relationships, he was promoted to Sales Manager in 2012. Today, Joe continues to lead the sales team and serves as a member of the senior management team. When Joe isn’t leading the sales team he enjoys time with his young family and is an avid golfer. Prior to joining FTG, Joe worked for the PGA Tour within Tournament Operations.