Increasing Physical School Security with AV Installations

By Joe Gillis, VP of Sales, GVC - 6 Jun, 2018
Collaboration & UC Physical Security
Anytime is a good time to begin improving and increasing school security. In fact, schools and campuses across the country are stepping up their security game now more than ever. It is often thought that the only way to enhance physical school security is through the use of security guards, metal detectors and other security devices.

While these tools are highly effective, we live in a technological age. AV companies should be left out of the discussion when it comes to new methods of security. Digital signage and AV installations can be designed to aid in new security strategies for campuses. Let’s take a look at why AV installations are critical for increased physical school security.

Physical School Security Defined

It is more than just a locked door and an eight-foot fence around campus. AV installations are taking a simple locked door and reinforcing it using state of the art technology created to secure and defend the students within those four walls. Schools across the country are beginning to see the light and are turning to AV firms for help.

AV Firms Are Making a Difference in Physical School Security

Various programs including the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools, Security Industry Association and the National Systems Contractors Association are working with schools to strategize using AV technology guidelines and security requirements.

Companies across the United States are using their technical capabilities to give back to the cause. AV and software developer, IntraLogic Solutions has created a product called the One-Button Lock-Down AV and Security system which combines high-quality security into easy to use tech. The product allows schools and places of business to lock down their facility with fewer steps. Plus, the product can notify local law enforcement when the situation requires it.

AV firms and developers are beginning to increase their security system production due to an increase in demand. Among your typical surveillance systems: monitored security systems, fire alarm integration, access control systems and security camera systems are being developed for the cause.

Paving the Way for AV Installation Security

When it comes to increasing physical school security through the use of AV installations, more work must be done. Organizations and efforts are being made throughout the United States, paving the way for AV installation security. However, the following must be done before we can take advantage of this tech’s capabilities.

Increased Safety Budgets

States such as Florida, Minnesota and New Mexico are beginning to reach out to officials, asking for additional room in the budget for school safety initiatives. AV installations are often created and customized to fit each organization personally, leading to justified cost. To be able to implement any security features, even the likes of AV installations, the budget will need to grow to meet the demand.

Currently, school districts and states are beginning to make changes to the budget to make way for physical security guards and surveillance on campus. These changes mixed with the capabilities of AV technology can increase physical school security tenfold.

Mind on Infrastructure

AV installations will be able to enhance the features of already established security strategies within a campus or organization. Campuses should still be mindful of their infrastructure before choosing an AV security system. Metal detectors, reinforced windows and security alarms will need to be used in conjunction with AV installations to experience the highest level of security possible.

Technology Should Be Implemented Now

Some forms of technology should be implemented now, prior to an AV installation within the campus. This allows time for the campus to get used to using the technology and allow puts strategies in place that will only need tweaking instead of creation. Some schools are beginning to use security buzzers and cameras at their doors. The visitor will need to buzz in and be identified before they are allowed access into the school. This camera and the lock system is uniquely managed using an iPad close to the receptionist office. The quicker schools can begin implementing technology in their day to day operations, the easier the transition will be.

AV installations are also being implemented in schools as educational tools, increasing accessibility, enhancing curriculum and training our students for the future with hands-on education. This type of curriculum mixed with the AV installation’s ability to enhance our security is our first look at the school of the future.

We must continue increasing our awareness about these products, talking about our budgeting strategy, enhancing our tech prowess by embracing it and remembering the importance of basic physical security, even with AV in the mix. It’s time to protect the greatest assets, the students, with the greatest tools that are available. If you’d like to learn more about AV installations and your security measures, reach out to New Era Tech today.

Author: Joe Gillis, VP of Sales, GVC

Joe Gillis, a graduate of Loyola University, began his career with FTG Technologies, a New Era Technology company, in 2010 as an Account Executive. After proving his skills in team-building, client interaction, and developing strategic relationships, he was promoted to Sales Manager in 2012. Today, Joe continues to lead the sales team and serves as a member of the senior management team. When Joe isn’t leading the sales team he enjoys time with his young family and is an avid golfer. Prior to joining FTG, Joe worked for the PGA Tour within Tournament Operations.