Video Alarm Services and Artificial Intelligence

By New Era Technology - 18 Jun, 2024
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Video Surveillance is an important security measure for commercial establishments, organizations, and educational institutions. With the looming threat of hostile intruders, you must constantly monitor movement in and around your place. A study by Global Market Insights1 shows that the global market for AI-based Video Surveillance was estimated to be $5.5 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 15.5% until 2032.

Normal Video Alarms alert users of any suspicious activity but are limited in scope and require manual monitoring. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Video Alarms has greatly extended the scope by intelligent and precise monitoring and reducing false alarms.

AI in Video Alarms has gained popularity with a specific requirement. Regular video alarms need constant monitoring and can have lapses, either missing an incident or raising a false alarm. AI reduces human error and does away with manual monitoring by sensing patterns that deviate from a given input. Such systems have a wide range of benefits that ensure seamless security.  

How Does AI Work in Video Alarms?

There are two ways in which video alarms use AI.

Machine Vision

Machine Vision is a technique in which the system is given inputs of hundreds of thousands of images of people, vehicles, animals, and objects in various postures, colors, sizes, and movements. The AI capability compares the surveyed area with these images, detects deviations, and raises the alarm. This technique is rule-based, where the administrators provide deviation rules for the AI system to follow. 

Behavioral Analysis

In this type of AI utilization, the system itself learns about various entities through its own observation and tags each one using a process called normalization. It learns dynamically over time and uses the input to detect deviations.

What can AI-based Video Alarms Detect?

1. Unusual movement-such as a person walking away from the regular path or a car on the sidewalk.
2. Gathering of people at a place that is normally out of bounds
3. People carrying weapons or objects that are normally not seen
4. Sudden movements-such as a physical fight
5. Any new entity-be it a human or an animal in a restricted space
6. Face recognition
7. Analysing parking spaces and traffic analysis
8. Detecting fire, smoke, and material leakage-be it water or a chemical
9. Unauthorized movement before an access control system
10. Recognizing vehicles and license plates
11. Alerting in a human voice when an intruder enters a secured zone

Surveillance drones also use AI-based video alarms connected to a central command center.

False burglar alarms are one of the most frequent challenges that law enforcement agencies have to deal with. With AI-powered video alarms, there is minimal possibility of a false alarm. AI-based video alarms are programmed to alert the nearest law enforcement agencies simultaneously with a video grab of the abnormal activity. This feature helps in precisely identifying the incident and ensures a faster response.

The Need For AI-Based Video Alarms

If you run a school, establishment, organization, or institute, the safety of people and assets becomes your primary responsibility. Conventional video surveillance equipment does not provide the right level of security and involves constant monitoring, which requires resources and has an associated cost factor.

AI-based Video Alarms enable you to improve your security posture, as any incident will harm your brand image. You also stand to gain from lowered costs in hiring resources to manage the system and having a near-precision security system in place.

You can have your in-house security team deploy such alarms or have a managed service provider like New Era Technology run your entire security system.

Security is paramount, and adopting new technologies that accentuate your current infrastructure is essential. If you need to know more about using AI-based video alarms and the advantages they provide, contact us, and we will be glad to help.

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