Simplify Disaster Recovery with Backup as a Service
From a simple power outage to a catastrophic hurricane, disasters can happen at any given moment. With technology usage ...
Marina Gregory, CAO
26 Feb, 2018
Mastering Communication and Collaboration in Multigenerational Workplaces
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Eric Bixler, National Director of AV Solutions
21 Sep, 2017
Managed Services—Time to Make the Change
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Marina Gregory, CAO
23 May, 2017
Four Reasons IT-as-a-Service Needs to be on Your Radar
The as-a-service (aaS) model is growing. More and more enterprises and organizations are moving in this direction and ad...
Marina Gregory, CAO
2 Nov, 2017
What We Learned from Cisco’s Annual Cybersecurity Report
Cybersecurity is one of the biggest threats we face today if we have any data online. In the Cisco 2017 Annual Cybersecu...
Natacha Lavelanet
31 Aug, 2017