Intelligent Assist offers live and instant support for your video collaboration users

Intelligent Assist gives video meeting users instant support through a QR code. By simply scanning the QR code with a mobile device, users are directed to a portal that provides specific room information and support. If the user is unable to resolve their video meeting issues, they can be connected to a New Era AV expert. We help you resolve any conflict quickly without putting extra burden on your IT teams. 

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Faster detection and resolution
  • Reduced IT teams workload
  • Reduced IT support costs

Experience the Instant AV Help Desk!

Discover an easy way to manage your meeting rooms with Intelligent Assist. Complete the below form to be connected to an AV expert. 

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Better support for your collaboration users

The Intelligent Assist AV Help Desk allows collaboration users easy access to resources and live support by quickly scanning a QR code placed in your meeting spaces. By directing them to a portal, which provides support information as well as access to our team of Video Collaboration support experts, this service reduces the burden on IT teams by putting the power in the users’ hands or accessing New Era’s AV 24/7 help desk team.

Intelligent Assist gives you instant support to our expert AV help desk

Reduce IT burden

Intelligent Assist frees your internal IT team to work on strategic projects.

Increase user satisfaction

Video Collaboraton issues in the meeting room will be resolved quickly increasing adoption and satisfaction.

Increase business efficiencies

Simplified self-service and reduced on-site IT support requirements.


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