• Digital identity solution that provides an elegant customer experience and prevents fraud throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Enroll or onboard new customers in less than 2 minutes
  • Authenticate in less than 2 seconds
  • Secure and private interactions and transactions, like PCI-compliant payment

The Trusted Digital Identity Platform

Offered by New Era Technology, Journey has designed a new approach to solving the digital identity challenge throughout every customer interaction. Journey’s Trusted Identity Platform solves for security, privacy, and customer experience. The patent-pending “Zero Knowledge” network-based approach solves for each of these issues simultaneously, unlocking massive benefits for customer satisfaction, fraud prevention, and major operational and cost efficiencies for your business. Product solutions include Customer Enrollment, Outbound Customer Engagement, Secure Payment Processing, and Verified Customer Identity.

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Outbound Customer Engagement

The Outbound Customer Engagement solution ensures your customers know it’s you calling, and provides instant mutual identity verification, giving your customers confidence and convenience, and driving engagement rates up by 10x or more.

Verified Customer Identity

Experience a faster, more secure, and 100% compliancy with security and privacy regulations for verifying identity. Instantly authenticate customer identity when connecting to the contact center with 99.9999% veracity.

Secure Payment Processing

Protect your customer’s credit card information and keep sensitive data out of your contact center tech stack. This solution is PCI compliant and offers the ability to make credit card payments directly from your mobile app or secure web session. 

Customer Enrollment

The Customer Enrollment solution can provide your business with a flexible and frictionless enrollment process, with a secure, guided approach providing optimized user experience.