Facilitating the future of work with our best-in-class Video Collaboration Services

Supporting organizations with the New Era of Hybrid working by bringing your employees and customers closer together no matter where they are.

What we offer

We offer a complete end-to-end management service for your entire video conferencing estate.

By empowering organizations to support their users from any location and any device, we help drive productivity, increase reliability and promote better business outcomes.

We ensure your users experience the very best collaboration experience with efficient tools, which allow them to operate efficiently regardless of whether they sit in the office or remotely.

AV design and implementation

We design, build and support bespoke meeting rooms and collaboration spaces, which support multi-vendor technologies – all under a single SLA.

Managed services

We offer complete management and monitoring of your entire Video Conferencing estate, which enables you to offer your users:

  • Optimum user experience
  • Maximum performance and up-time
  • Increased efficiencies and meeting reliability
  • Reduced costs

Professional services

Operating as a strategic partner, our Professional Services give you access to New Era’s global technical and support specialists. Vendor agnostic, we work closely with your organization to understand both your business and customer needs, which allows us to design and deliver the best Video Conference experience, without additional burden on your existing teams.

Unbeatable support

Our services are backed by a global team of expert technicians. Supporting multiple vendors, through one single SLA, our 24/7 support team are always on hand to ensure you receive the optimum service.

Contact one of our expert collaboration technicians to find out more

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Business challenges we help solve

Hybrid working

Implementation of vendor agnsotic solutions and services to support users from any location and any device.

Global strategy

Delivery of global collaboration services.

Stategy definition and implementation for unified global standards and the ‘digital workplace’.

Increase business efficiencies

Increased reliability and  service standards with reduced operational costs.

Simplified self-service and reduced on-site IT support requirements.

Remote management

Management of multi-vendor collaboration technology plus lifecycle management and support of meeting space technology



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