A comprehensive guide: Planning for a global Microsoft Teams Rooms deployment

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Microsoft Teams Rooms provide an immersive meeting room experience with video conferencing, audio, and content sharing capabilities, but planning for a global deployment of Microsoft Teams Rooms requires careful planning to ensure a successful implementation.

Most organisations have already made the leap to install and deploy Microsoft Teams Rooms as their go-to solution for global collaboration. We have worked closely with customers across our 80+ global locations to help them navigate the key considerations they need to factor in when planning for this.

In this guide, we will share our insights on what we have learnt from deploying 1,000s of Teams Rooms across the globe.

What are your objectives and organisational goals for deployment?

Are you looking to standardise meeting room experiences across all your global offices? Do you want to enable seamless video conferencing and content sharing capabilities? Understanding your deployment objectives will help you establish a clear vision and roadmap for your deployment.

What are your specific room requirements?

Assess the meeting room requirements across all your global locations. Do you need to upgrade or install new AV equipment to support Microsoft Teams Rooms?

Consider factors such as room size, layout, and existing AV infrastructure. Ensure you choose the right hardware, and your rooms are equipped with the right audiovisual equipment, such as displays, cameras, microphones, and speakers. Ensure that the selected hardware is compatible with Microsoft Teams Rooms software and meets the requirements of your meeting room environments

Understanding your meeting room requirements will help you determine the hardware and software components needed for your deployment.

Is your network ready?

A robust and reliable network infrastructure is crucial for a successful Microsoft Teams Rooms deployment. Assess your network readiness by evaluating the bandwidth, latency, and network security requirements for video conferencing and content sharing. Determine if your existing network infrastructure can support the increased demand of Microsoft Teams Rooms, or if you need to upgrade your network to ensure optimal performance.

How are you planning for collaboration deployments?

Draw up a comprehensive plan and develop a standardised process for collaboration deployments, including installation, , software configuration, and management of Microsoft Teams Rooms software across your global locations. Consider factors such as user authentication, room scheduling, meeting room settings, and software updates.

Engage your users and plan for adoption

Implementation of technology is just the start, but it is only successful if your users adopt the technology. Ensure you have a plan for training and that they are comfortable with using Teams Rooms. Plan to gather user feedback to help shape the ongoing adoption plan.

Manage, monitor and optimise

By regularly assessing the usage and performance of your meeting room environments, you can not only ensure maximum uptime, but also identify areas for future improvements. There are monitoring tools and analytics which will let you gain insights into room utilisation, call quality, overall performance etc.

Often service providers, like us, will take ownership of this and wrap it into a managed service, which also offers remote fault detection and resolution tools.

In conclusion, planning for a Microsoft Teams Rooms global deployment requires careful consideration of meeting room requirements, network readiness, hardware selection, software deployment and how to manage your rooms post deployment.

How can New Era Technology help?

New Era offers a full end-to-end service for all your video collaboration needs. We can join you at any stage on your deployment journey from planning right through to the management and monitoring of your rooms. Contact us to find out more about how solutions and to discover how we are helping our global customers achieve seamless deployments of Microsoft Teams Rooms.

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