How does live helpdesk improve your video collaboration experience?

By Vicky Hart - 10 Mar, 2023
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Video collaboration has become an essential part of modern business operations, especially in the age of remote work. As businesses increasingly rely on video collaboration tools to conduct meetings, training sessions, and client interactions, it becomes critical to have reliable technical support.

When users encounter problems with their video meetings, they will look for the fastest resolution to getting this fixed. If they cannot achieve this quickly, users can often ‘give up’ on the original meeting platform or technology and search for their own resolution instead.

A live helpdesk feature is an invaluable asset for businesses that use video collaboration tools, offering numerous benefits that can improve the overall user experience and maximise the value of your investment.

Immediate real time support

One of the most significant benefits of a live helpdesk is the immediate support it provides to users. When technical issues arise, users can quickly contact a live helpdesk to get their problems resolved by a video collaboration expert. This eliminates the need for users to troubleshoot on their own, saving them valuable time and reducing frustration.

Easier detection and resolution

Video collaboration meeting rooms can be complex in their set up. Often comprising multiple technologies and vendors, it can be difficult to diagnose where the issue lies and who is responsible for resolving the issue. By accessing a live support team who can monitor and manage and remote all the equipment in the room, means users only have to make contact with one team, making fault detection and resolution more efficient.

Expert support immediately

A live helpdesk provides access to experts who can quickly diagnose and resolve technical issues as well as facilitating remote fixes. These professionals have extensive knowledge and experience working with video collaboration tools, ensuring that users receive the most accurate and effective solutions to their problems.

Increased productivity

Technical issues can significantly impact productivity, especially when users are unable to troubleshoot on their own. A live helpdesk can quickly resolve technical issues, allowing users to get back to work and complete their tasks without delay.

Improved user experience

A live helpdesk can improve the overall user experience of video collaboration tools by providing users with the support they need to use the tools effectively. This can result in increased user adoption and satisfaction, which can have a positive impact on employee engagement and retention.


In conclusion, a live helpdesk is an essential component of any video collaboration environment. By providing immediate support, expertise, increased productivity, improved user experience, and cost-effectiveness, a live helpdesk can help businesses get the most out of their video collaboration tools and stay competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment.

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Intelligent Assist gives video meeting users instant support through a QR code. By simply scanning the QR code with a mobile device, users are directed to a portal that provides specific room information and support. If the user is unable to resolve their video meeting issues, they can be connected to a New Era AV expert. We help you resolve any conflict quickly without putting extra burden on your IT teams.

Author: Vicky Hart

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