Don’t leave gaps in your AV design and user experience strategy for Microsoft Teams Rooms

By Vicky Hart - 20 Feb, 2023
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With any major video collaboration deployment there are some key factors in the design and planning phase, which organisations misinterpret, or fail to fully understand, especially when it comes to Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Understand the desired experience for ALL your users

This is probably the biggest challenge we see our customers face. Users’ expectations are higher than ever before, and people expect a fully immersive experience and seamless transition from using Microsoft Teams on their desktop or mobile devices through to the conference room.

Evaluate your user landscape

Executives, clients, partners and employees will have different needs and expectations around how they want to collaborate. Establish how the needs of each group of users might differ and plan/build workflows, which align to the particular requirements of each.

Don’t view Microsoft Team Rooms as a commodity item

Keep sight of the AV implementation and the unique requirement of each room such as acoustics, lighting, microphone choices, content presentation, Microsoft Front Row layouts etc.

Plan how to integrate the MTR into existing or complex meeting spaces

Don’t forget to consider what AV and technology challenges this might bring, or the work needed to expand into larger spaces.

Determine a standard approach

Work out an approach for your small / medium / large meeting spaces such as preferred cameras, preferred content sharing, displays, cameras etc… This can then be used as a guide for most of your meeting spaces (there will be some exceptions for auditoriums, town hall or custom meeting spaces).

Which platforms do your Microsoft Teams Rooms need to connect to?

Zoom, Blue Jeans, Google? If so, you need to establish the user workflows for achieving the desired user experience.

New Era Technology advises customers to be outcome-focused. Using technology to deliver the outcome rather than forcing or adapting technology to a purpose for which it is not entirely suited. Keep your users and their needs at the forefront, and do not underestimate the importance of how you will support and manage large-scale deployments to ensure optimal service and user experience for all.

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Author: Vicky Hart

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