Working with Educators: Designing AV Installations Around Curriculum

By Eric Bixler, National Director of AV Solutions - 23 May, 2018
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Technology is making strides each and every day, changing every industry throughout the world. With so many new developments in artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality, it may shroud the amazing capabilities of AV tech. AV installations are changing the way industries communicate, collaborate and in some cases, educate. We’ve worked with educators on designing AV installations around curriculum, and the results have been unmatched.

Let’s discuss the benefits of audio and visual within education and how AV changed the future for one educational institution altogether.

Designing AV Installations Around Curriculum: The Benefits

Most educators have a standard curriculum, regardless of grade level, that they teach from to improve productivity. AV equipment is the perfect catalyst for improving not what they teach, but how they teach their curriculum, by understanding their needs. Using AV equipment really is a no-brainer. Let’s discuss some of the benefits in more detail.


AV equipment has the potential to open new doors of accessibility for students and faculty. Students with disabilities will be able to learn more effectively, using video and audio tools. For example, video can be streamed with subtitles and sign language. For information that is written on smartboards or presentation areas, it can be read back to students with vision difficulty. Accessibility is critical and AV equipment can improve it.


AV equipment allows for enhancements of the curriculum otherwise unreachable. These enhancements include educational videos, images, documentaries and video conferencing for special events. This equipment combined with new tech such as virtual reality can offer students a more immersive experience with hands-on learning.

Training for the Future

Although a byproduct of using AV equipment for the curriculum, training in the technology of the future for students is an amazing benefit. Students will gain hands-on experience with this technology for future career opportunities.

Moravian College Case Study

Moravian College decided to add a new course curriculum, based on their new Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center. The facility wished to completely remodel and expand the existing building, adding AV equipment for educational enhancement. Our team was asked to design and engineer these solutions throughout the remodeled area and expansion. It included several separate learning areas including exam rooms, labs, classroom space and common areas. Due to the nature of this curriculum, the new features would need to be specifically tailored to their unique needs.

The challenge was as follows: the additions would need to work seamlessly with one another for the end user while still delivering a unique set of AV solutions.

Throughout the process, our team worked with the college to implement various equipment such as large format flat panel displays, touch screen control panels, audio and visual recording devices, stationary cameras, streaming media processors, ceiling mounted microphones and equipment racks. Each room was outfitted to be completely audio and visual functional, from conference hall to common area.

Once the project was complete, Moravian College with help from our team was able to bring new life into a totally unique space. The Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center is now able to support a new curriculum otherwise unachievable.

We are proud to have supported Moravian College throughout the conception and design phase of the project, designing AV installations around curriculum, implementing a variety of solutions that met their goals and achieving the many benefits that AV equipment brings to the education industry.

To learn more about the Moravian College project and what AV can do for education, click here to download and read the case study today.

Author: Eric Bixler, National Director of AV Solutions