Managed Services

Downtime: Unveiling its True Cost and Strategies for Success Maximisation
If you’re in the IT field, you’re likely familiar with downtime – a major headache. Discover the significa...
New Era Technology
9 Apr, 2024
10 Critical Skills Your IT Team Must Have
Recent spurts in cyberattacks have constantly been innovative in hacking organisational data.  A weak security posture ...
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28 Nov, 2023
Making IT Provider Switch Seamless: 5 Key Considerations
Information technology (IT) is a major tool used today to promote productivity, efficiency, and innovation. Choosing the...
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21 Nov, 2023
Why a Managed IT Service Provider Is a Better Option Than Internal Staffing
Technology is the backbone of business operations in today’s constantly evolving economic environment. It is not an is...
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16 Nov, 2023
How to review your organisation’s IT services for 2024
As the year 2023 comes to a close, it is a good time to review your business’ IT services and IT roadmap for 2024....
New Era Technology
6 Nov, 2023
5 Signs That Indicate Your Business Is Ready for Managed IT
Is it time to think about outsourcing your business’s IT? When your team is overextended and grappling with tech issue...
New Era Technology
27 Oct, 2023