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New Era Technology offers complete managed connectivity options nationwide with access to all the major telecommunication providers.

Internet is an essential service for all businesses. It’s mission-critical for our customer’s businesses; that’s why we monitor our services 24/7. We measure the quality of all our links in real-time since packet loss or jitter indicates a fault. This goes far beyond the on/off support model most telecommunication providers deliver.

We are an independent, multi-carrier ISP and can provide a wide variety of access technologies to deliver tailored solutions. As a result, we source the best solutions available and integrate them into your business.

  • Flexible network topologies; ranging from a traditional virtual circuit ‘Layer 2’ approach to a fully routed ‘Layer 3’ internetwork
  • A variety of high-speed access technologies; ranging from cost-effective NBN services to high-performance optical fibre, radio and other technologies. Critical business sites may use 4/5G backup services for redundancy
  • Access to our world-class Data Centre; for connection to co-located equipment, managed servers, data storage systems or firewalled Internet
  • Equipment services including design, supply, configuration and maintenance of class-leading Fortinet networking equipment
  • Optional ad-hoc ‘secure roaming’ access – for mobile staff, management and teleworkers – through our well-proven Virtual Private Network service
  • Dynamic Class of Service for applications with differing network requirements (for example, voice and video over IP)


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Private Network

Within such a network, traffic engineering is used to ensure optimal network performance – in terms of a very high data delivery ratio, a very low latency (or ’round trip transit delay’), and minimal latency variation (or ‘jitter’).


Experience faster network performance and connect more devices simultaneously using New Era’s comprehensive Wi-Fi solution for both premise and cloud. The new standard of Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) bridges the performance gap towards ten-gigabit speeds optimizing secure onboarding for corporate devices, BYOD, and the guest user experience.


New Era’s Internet services significantly reduce the risk of security concerns for your business.

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We deliver solutions that are established in collaboration and innovation to provide creative solutions using the best technologies for our customers.

  • Diverse portfolio of technology projects with intricate designs and system integration across varied industries
  • 120+ engineers and technicians certified by leading technology manufacturers and professional industry organisations, including Cisco,  Hewlett-Packard, Dell EMC, Microsoft and many others
  • Over 25 years of experience in the planning, design, and implementation of complex solutions
  • Access to our highly experienced support team

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