Voice Technology Services

New Era Technology are specialists in voice and telephone solutions.

We consult and advise on a voice or VoIP phone system solution that meets your unique requirements.

See the benefits that come from using VoIP phone systems:

  • Low cost or free national and international calls
  • Free inter-site calls anywhere in the world
  • Remote worker capability
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Reduce call costs with a New Era voice managed service
  • Expand your phone’s system capabilities
  • Open architecture to interface with most other technology
  • Virtual receptionist, voicemail to email, call routing and inter-office calling
  • Scalable, feature rich telephony platform


Achieve Business Outcomes with New Era Voice.


Costing Benefit

If you want to reduce your call costs, your fixed line charges or expand your phone system’s capabilities, you should talk to one of our IP telephony experts.

One of the key features of our IP telephony solution is that it doesn’t use the internet; instead, our data centres are directly connected to the carriers, providing a private IP path assuring call quality.



We provide the IP phone solution with no software fees and deliver a scalable, feature rich telephony platform with several features. It can be deployed in your offices or hosted on our data centre platforms. It’s based on an open architecture platform, which means it will plug right into your existing ethernet network and can interface into almost any other technology.


Hybrid Model

You can also use our platform with the traditional phone network, there are options to integrate ISDN or PSTN services into our solution in order to give you full control. 

Partner with New Era Technology

We deliver solutions that are established in collaboration and innovation to provide creative solutions using the best technologies for our customers.

  • Diverse portfolio of technology projects with intricate designs and system integration across varied industries
  • 120+ engineers and technicians certified by leading technology manufacturers and professional industry organisations, including Cisco,  Hewlett-Packard, Dell EMC, Microsoft and many others
  • Over 25 years of experience in the planning, design, and implementation of complex solutions
  • Access to our highly experienced support team and our 24/7 support helpdesk

Complementary Solutions

Meet with an Expert

Our team of experts will engage with you to develop a strategy that turns your goals and objectives into reality by crafting a solution that is right for your organisation.

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