Cybersecurity Insurance and MFA

How Cisco Secure Access by Duo Helps Reduce Cyber Security Risks

Cyber Insurance Whitepaper

Read how Cyber Insurance is changing, what you can do to prepare for your policy renewal and how Cisco Secure Access by Duo helps.

Cisco Secure Access by Duo is designed for the modern workforce.


We are a Premier Integrator for Cisco and experts in Cisco Secure Access by Duo.

80% of security breaches involve stolen credentials. Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication helps protect your business’ data by adding a second layer of security. Duo is easy to set up and has multiple authentication methods available for users to suit their workflow.

  • Protect multiple applications across any device with a single app
  • Easily deploy Duo as required
  • Multiple authentication methods are available
  • Well integrated into users’ chosen devices
  • World-class security measures
  • Suitable for businesses of all sizes
  • Trusted provider of MFA technology
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