Colocation Services

Premium and trusted colocation services

Flexible and Secure Colocation Available Nationwide

Investing in New Era colocation services can deliver significant benefits for your business.

New Era can provide colocation services in a range of facilities nationwide from a single RU to multiple racks. Each facility can operate ‘stand alone’, accessing our high-speed Internet connectivity and peripheral services within that facility, or can be integrated with our other data centres via our high-speed national connectivity network. In addition, customers can supplement their services with our IaaS, Cloud Connectivity and many other data centre services to create a nationally integrated, highly flexible hosting solution tailored to your exact requirements.

We offer multiple hosting facilities in most states, the majority of which are tier 3 or 2 certified – options for escorted and unescorted access, remote hands, and design consultancy are all available.

We have engineering staff on site in most states, able to offer managed support, project, design and ad hoc support services if required.

Matching your colocation requirements

At New Era, we recognise that infrastructure hosting is only one aspect of our customer’s more comprehensive IT solutions. Our customers often need Internet connectivity, firewalls, voice services, inter facility replication and a suite of other services to create a fully integrated solution. New Era has the service delivery capacity to meet these needs. We can offer the raw services needed for our customers to build their own solutions to these needs, or offer fully integrated products and services enabling our customers to focus on their business IT systems, leaving us to look after the peripheral services needed to support them.

Take advantage of the experienced New Era colocation staff today and experience a service matched precisely to your needs.

Colocation Locations


Capacity from 1RU to multiple racks, flexible power inclusions. 24/7 escorted and unescorted rack access available. Full range of peripheral services delivered from within the facility. Local IT consultancy and project engineering staff are available on site.


Multiple hosting facilities are available, with Tier 2 and Tier 3 options. Unescorted access to full racks available, escorted access to smaller RU allocations. Full range of peripheral services (managed storage, IaaS, private connectivity, voice etc.) available, along with very high-speed connectivity between state DCs. Local IT consultancy and project engineering staff are available on site.


Two hosting options within Canberra, with capacity for high speed replication between sites. Access to peripheral services via our national IP network.


Our Melbourne colocation services are hosted from two secure data centre locations, including two Tier 3 data centres. All sites are ISO27001 certified. A full range of connectivity, IaaS and associated peripheral services are delivered from infrastructure located within the state. Local IT consultancy and project engineering staff are available on site.


Hosting and local, well peered IP transit, with connectivity to our broader national network to enable access to peripheral IT services and cloud connectivity.



Multiple tier 3 and tier 2 ghosting options available, with options for very high speed interconnectivity between facilities. Full local stack of peripheral services, with integration into our national network. Local IT consultancy and project engineering staff are available on site.