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Our approach to Teams Voice will deliver a reliable, cost-effective outcome for your business.

Make the switch to Teams for Voice

Microsoft Teams Voice is one of the most popular Voice solutions for businesses because it extends the existing Teams chat and conference solution to include a phone system. It is easy to set up, uses existing mobile phones and PCs as endpoints and can be provisioned quickly. As a result, it is fantastic for companies who have an immediate need to get their workforce taking calls when working remote/mobile.

We simply configure Teams Calling within your existing Office 365 so that your staff can make and receive phone calls with any landline directly from their smartphone, laptop, tablet, handset or even meeting room devices.

  • Allows for a mobile workforce
  • Ability for rapid implementation
  • Integration possibilities into other software applications
  • File sharing, video meetings, chat messages and collaboration features in one app
  • Keep existing phone numbers
  • Reduce costs associated with phone calls

Why move to Teams for Voice?

Leverage your existing Microsoft Applications.



Microsoft Teams Calling allows everyone in your business to connect to your phone system from their chosen device, from wherever they are working.



Teams for Calling just works. As the cloud solution evolves and gets new features, you automatically gain access to them without needing to upgrade your whole phone system. 



Teams Voice Calling is part of the Microsoft Office 365 environment. As a result, it sees the same level of security as the rest of the software, including features like 2FA. 

Predictable costs

Predictable costs

Teams Voice eliminates metered calls and instead give businesses predictability with flat rates. 



We are experts in implementing a range of Voice solutions, including Teams Calling. We will help you get the setup right the first time. 

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