Continued partnership with the Newcastle Knights

By New Era Technology - 7 Feb, 2024
2 Minutes Read

New Era Technology is thrilled to announce our continued sponsorship with the Newcastle Knights for the 2024 season.

This marks another exciting chapter in our partnership with one of Australia’s premier rugby league teams.

As part of our renewed commitment, New Era will continue to be prominently featured on the
Newcastle Knights’ official jerseys and across various platforms, providing us with an excellent
opportunity to connect with the passionate fan base that supports the team.

“Our partnership with the Newcastle Knights has been incredibly rewarding, and we are proud to
continue supporting a team that consistently demonstrates the spirit of true sportsmanship,” said
Mathew Cremen, Sales Director of New Era Technology.

In addition to jersey branding, New Era will actively participate in community initiatives and exclusive
events. This collaboration not only underscores our dedication to the sport but also reflects our
commitment to giving back to the communities that support us.

The Newcastle Knights have a rich history and a bright future, and New Era is excited to be a part of
their journey. We extend our sincere appreciation to the Knights’ management, players, and fans for
their continued trust and support.

For updates, exclusive content, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of our partnership with the
Newcastle Knights, be sure to follow us on Linkedin.

Here’s to a successful 2024 season!

Author: New Era Technology