NJC Partners With New Era To Improve Network Service and Minimise Disruption

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Case Study 

Newcastle Jockey Club

Customer Size: 30+ 

Region: Australia 

Industry: Hospitality & Racing 

Customer Profile 

Now in operation for over 100 years, the Newcastle Racecourse is the largest and premiere provincial Race club in NSW.

Known as Beautiful Broadmeadow, Newcastle Jockey Club has partnered with New Era Technology to upgrade their existing IT infrastructure, as well as improve network services and their overall daily operations.


With over eight different function rooms, two levels of public
bars and a member’s bar and restaurant, Newcastle Jockey
Club had a challenge in linking all the existing buildings and
ensuring a secure and reliable connection across the entire


New Era’s IT specialists visited the site and determined the spots where connectivity was below minimum standard. Then the team installed new network switches throughout the racecourse to make sure connectivity was stable across all buildings.

Alongside the Secure Cloud Network, New Era also rolled out Security Software to ensure Newcastle Jockey Club’s staff were safe against potential cyber security threats, whether working remotely from home or in the office.

This included:
• Email Security: a defense against phishing, business email compromise, ransomware and data loss prevention
• Multi Factor Authentication: this protects all applications by using a second source of validation, like a phone or token to verify a user’s identity
• Umbrella Insights: a software to protect websites from potential malware

The New Era Team consolidated and fixed cabling issues in the on-premise server racks, as well as various patch panels throughout the racecourse.


The upgrade to their existing infrastructure means improved network service and less disruptions for Newcastle Jockey Club’s Point of Sale systems and overall daily operations.