How Jayco Newcastle Achieved Significant Cost Savings By Partnering With New Era

Case Study 

Jayco Newcastle 

Customer Size: 40+ 

Region: Australia 

Industry: Retail 

Customer Profile 

Jayco Newcastle is the premier dealer in the Hunter and Central Coast areas for Camper Trailers, Pop-Tops, Caravans and Motorhomes.
The Heatherbrae site offers its clients a state of the art showroom and a spare parts and service centre with over twenty dedicated workshop bays and four dedicated
detailing bays.

Jayco wanted to interconnect their two sites and multiple departments, so that they could work together more efficiently.
New Era Technology came on as their IT provider and helped Jayco integrate their sites and significantly reduced their IT cost.


There are several systems required to run The Wests Group’s operations, including hotel booking systems, POS, club and gym membership systems, concert ticketing, gaming, finance and HR systems. These separate operations required effective integration. 

The scope of operations also posed a challenge for securing data. The quantity of data flowing through the Group meant that traditional backup and recovery solutions were taking too long and data would get lost. 


When New Era took over the IT support of Jayco Newcastle in April 2017, NBN had recently been introduced to the Heatherbrae region. The first step was to install a private NBN network to integrate the new Hunter Valley Home’s site with the Jayco Newcastle site. A 4G fail-over solution was also installed to ensure coverage in case of a communication outage.

With an aging, on-premise server, Jayco also made the decision to move to New Era’s Cloud Solution, which included a number of hosted servers dedicated to Jayco.

Moving to the cloud included delivering SIP phone lines into Jayco’s existing phone system and integrating Office 365 for email and Office Applications.

One of the biggest things with New Era Technology is being able to contact them at any time. I don’t think I’ve ever phoned them and have had to have someone call me back without having my problem sorted”

Damien Charleson

CEO, Jayco Newcastle & Heatherbrae


Integrating the two sites and delivering SIP phone lines meant significant cost savings for Jayco and also meant a more reliable connection for their two sites.

With the new infrastructure in place, Jayco’s sales team are more mobile. They can take a customer into a caravan and work from their IPad, without having to worry about wifi.

Providing Jayco with IT Support also means that any occuring problems can be fixed in a timely fashion without interrupting their day-to-day operations.