Scone Grammar School Advances Toward Transformational E-learning with New Era

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Case Study 

Scone Grammar School

Region: Australia 

Industry: Education

Customer Profile 

Scone Grammar School in Scone, New South Wales, Australia is a leading co-educational, independent, P–12, Anglican school providing a Christian learning community that recognises the uniqueness of every student and delivers outstanding education.

Scone Grammar School engaged New Era Technology to help design, deploy, and implement an E-Learning and communication strategy that would lead to greater collaboration, improved engagement, inspiring education, and offering staff and secondary students the ability to access files and connections instantly.


Scone Grammar School recognised the need to adopt and improve its eLearning strategy as a leading coeducational, independent, P–12, Anglican school.


New Era Technology devised an ICT strategy for Scone Grammar School, which involved incorporating a cutting-edge E-learning approach using Microsoft Office 365 and Teams, pioneering a remarkable transformation in the school’s educational landscape.

Supported by an ongoing focus on improving teaching practice, Scone Grammar students and staff can now collaborate online from virtually anywhere through Microsoft Teams for every class from Years 4 to 12.

Online assignments and OneNote class notebook enable students to submit work at any time, from any place and they can receive feedback from their teachers in real-time. Lessons on OneNote allow students to work at their own pace and provide teachers visibility to track students’ progress anywhere, anytime, and align their direction when required. If teachers or students are away, they have the ability to catch up on work outside of the classroom as all learning content is accessible on any device 24/7.

Our school now has an innovative platform for inclusive and collaborative learning, and we have the team at New Era to thank for their direction and advice on creating a transformational eLearning strategy.

Paul Smart

Principal, Scone Grammar School


New Era Technology developed an ICT strategy for Scone Grammar, including implementing an innovative E-learning strategy based on the deployment of Microsoft Office 365 and Teams. Anecdotally the implementation of Microsoft Teams is the most advanced implementation of Office 365 across any school in Australia.

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