Cyber Security

Employee Cybersecurity Training: Building a Cyber-Strong Workforce
The rise of remote work, the rising number of connected devices, and the ever-evolving threat landscape are only a few r...
New Era Technology
4 Sep, 2023
Busting 7 Common Cyber Security Myths
Cyber security myths can mislead individuals and organisations, hindering effective defence strategies. This article deb...
Eric Peterson, Director of Cyber Security Operations
3 Apr, 2024
Cloud-Hosted vs. On-Premise: Why You Should Make the Switch
Imagine being freed from the responsibility of system updates and maintenance, granting you more time to focus on your c...
New Era Technology
25 Oct, 2023
Top Three (3) Notable Cyber Incidents in Recent Australian History
Moving into 2024, Australia faces new threats, including cyber incidents involving major corporations and government ent...
New Era Technology
19 Feb, 2024
Introduction to Cyber Security Frameworks Series: Essential 8
Cyber Security Frameworks Series   As we celebrate Cyber Security Awareness Month, we stay steadfast in our commitment...
New Era Technology
18 Oct, 2023
Introduction to Cyber Security Frameworks Series: NIST Framework
Cyber Security Frameworks Series  While Cyber Security Awareness Month may have concluded in October, it is a matter of...
New Era Technology
4 Dec, 2023