How New Era helped Agnew Wines Overcome Difficulties Working In Remote Location

Case Study 

Agnew Wines

Customer Size: 80+ 

Region: Australia 

Industry: Hospitality 

Customer Profile 

The Agnew family entered the Australian wine industry in 2004 with the acquisition of the historic Audrey Wilkinson Vineyard in the Hunter Valley. After extraordinary growth over the subsequent seven years, in 2011 the family acquired the neighbouring Cockfighter’s Ghost and Poole’s Rock brands.

Today, Agnew Wines Group produces over 700,000 bottles of award-winning wine per annum across the three labels, in our state of the art 3000 tonne capacity winery.

Working in a remote location can come with challenges. Originally with no access to the National Broadband Network (NBN), Agnew Wines needed a way to be connected to fast and reliable internet. New Era came on board to help Agnew Wines with their IT needs and help them find a solution to their internet issue.
Agnew Wines selected New Era Technology because of the local offices and ability to provide support promptly.


Agnew Wines are located in a rural area, which meant no
access to the NBN and at the time there was no timeline on
when it was to be implemented.

Agnew Wines originally had a server onsite but it was
getting old and expensive to maintain.

Whenever the server was down, sales would suffer. Naturally
this was not good for business and so New Era was brought
on to help Agnew Wines across their IT.


New Era converted all of Agnew Wines’ systems to the cloud, which meant that their aging server no longer interrupted the business’s day-to-day operations.
When assessing Agnew Wines’ situation, the team also advised a fixed wireless solution for their connectivity issues.
Fixed wireless networking refers to operating wireless devices in fixed locations like the vineyard. The networking usually derives its electrical power from utility mains, unlike mobile wireless devices, which tend to be battery-powered.


By putting a great deal of planning into improving Wests’ overall IT performance, New Era was able to create a highly dependable infrastructure.

Wests’ IT systems can be easily modified to integrate new technologies in software and hardware as they become available and scale up when additional facilities are acquired, rather than building another system from scratch.

Outsourcing its IT support and services to New Era has allowed Wests to utilise the knowledge and experience of a professional, local team at a much lower annual cost than hiring staff for an internal IT help desk.

Wests has also benefited from New Era’s 24 hour IT support service. If the gaming area experiences a fault at 3.00am Wests know they have the backing of a reliable IT service provider.