Reliable And Secure IT Infrastructure For The Wests Group

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Case Study 

West Leagues Group 

Customer Size: 500+ 

Region: Australia 

Industry: Hospitality 

Customer Profile 

The Wests Group is one of the largest club groups in NSW with facilities at New Lambton, Mayfield, Cardiff, Nelson Bay and Newcastle. Across these locations, Wests offers quality entertainment, accommodation, dining and gymnasium facilities to its members up to 24 hours a day. 

The Wests Group has a strong focus on offering its 100,000 members outstanding facilities. Wests partnered with New Era to develop a reliable, secure IT infrastructure to minimise system downtime and exceed existing customer service levels. 


There are several systems required to run The Wests Group’s operations, including hotel booking systems, POS, club and gym membership systems, concert ticketing, gaming, finance and HR systems. These separate operations required effective integration. 

The scope of operations also posed a challenge for securing data. The quantity of data flowing through the Group meant that traditional backup and recovery solutions were taking too long and data would get lost. 

The Wests Group required highly scalable systems to sustain its continual business growth and integrate new technologies that may become available. 


New Era undertook substantial measures to address these challenges, partnering with world-class hardware providers for all of Wests’ IT Equipment and its IT infrastructure.

Wests’ multiple technical operations are kept separately by isolating them on dedicated virtual servers avoiding potential system-wide operational issues. This also allows for full changes or updates to the individual operations without affecting any others.

Fast communication between each location has been guaranteed with all sites now using high speed fibre based Wide Area Network links through the Cloud Network.

Wests has trusted New Era to provide reliable IT services that withstand organisational growth, integrate organisational units and deliver a seamless experience.

“Our system has been faultless. Since New Era implemented our most recent system we have had no downtime whatsoever. This is crucial to the top-class service we strive to offer our members and guests.”

Phil Gardner

CEO, Wests Group


By putting a great deal of planning into improving Wests’ overall IT performance, New Era was able to create a highly dependable infrastructure.

Wests’ IT systems can be easily modified to integrate new technologies in software and hardware as they become available and scale up when additional facilities are acquired, rather than building another system from scratch.

Outsourcing its IT support and services to New Era has allowed Wests to utilise the knowledge and experience of a professional, local team at a much lower annual cost than hiring staff for an internal IT help desk.

Wests has also benefited from New Era’s 24 hour IT support service. If the gaming area experiences a fault at 3.00am Wests know they have the backing of a reliable IT service provider.