Frequently Asked Questions about Cyber Security

By Abhisha Ahuja - 9 Oct, 2022
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Four Frequently Asked Questions About Cyber Security

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security utilises a variety of advanced technologies and processes to ensure your business, your network and your data are protected and that the risk against the ever-evolving threat environment is mitigated. Cyber Security Services range from password to virus protection, network and endpoint security as well as being protected when browsing the internet.

Is Cyber Security worth it?

While Cyber Security is not the cheapest strategy to implement into your business, it is worth doing so, as the alternative could look a lot worse. Last year alone, Australia’s SMEs had to spend over $29 billion due to being affected by cybercrimes, with 53% of the cost being detection and recovery. Whilst there is no magic wand to eliminate cyber attacks, the right IT security services and solutions can mitigate the risk and provide your business with long-term cost savings to ensure you are safe against external cyber attacks, insider threats or accidental data loss.

Who needs Cyber Security?

In today’s society, life and business happen online. From social media, online banking or digital records – if you or your business aren’t protected against potential cyber threats, you could not only lose important information but also give access to some of your most valuable assets. Despite the growing threat environment, many businesses don’t tend to prioritise Cyber Security until it’s too late and you have been compromised. In order to keep your business safe, ensure you have the right security tools in place – after all, you wouldn’t leave the front door to your house unlocked and open, would you?

Why Cyber Security is required?

Cyber Security is important so that your business, its data and its intellectual property is safe from theft and damage. Applying the right security measures helps prevent unauthorised access to your systems by cybercriminals. An attack can have a massive impact on your business, from damaged reputation to loss of income. A lot of industries also have to follow standards for data privacy and security, so staying up-to-date with the latest regulations and security best practices will ensure your business is protected and at the forefront of evolving threats.

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Author: Abhisha Ahuja