7 Perks of IT Managed Services for Positive ROI

By - 6 May, 2022
Managed Services
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Top IT Decision Makers are Outsourcing Their Information Technology Services

Are you looking to stay competitive in this ever-changing business landscape? Of course, you are. Explore how information technology services will transform your organisation and maximise your current technologies.

To do this cost-effectively, and perhaps with little to no direct internal IT experience, you may want to avoid bringing in a full-time IT department as they are expensive and will consume a large portion of likely already small budgets you have to work with.

Before getting to the ROI points below, which you’ll want to read, take a moment to explore New Era’s IT Managed Services.

What to Look for in a True Information Technology Professional Services Provider?

You’ll want to ensure you are finding a provider that offers a depth of experience, 24/7 support, and extensive resources that will allow you to bring peace of mind and cost-efficient IT services to your organisation.

Information technology is crucial for businesses like yours that are interested in increasing their profits. Mid-size to enterprise-level businesses rely mainly on technology to automate the most important functions within their organisation.

Typically, along with the high value that technology can bring to an organisation, incorrect implementation and monitoring will cause major headaches.

IT leaders are continually forced to deal with IT issues within their business, which distracts them from moving forward with the high-value items within their overall business strategy. With this, these IT decision-makers are now, more than ever, looking to outsourced IT providers to maintain the ongoing technologies that are necessary for a business to grow and remain profitable.

1. Take Back Control of Your IT and Labor Costs

Moving resources externally helps convert fixed information technology costs and provides a viable and efficient budget to work with.

With an IT consulting and professional services provider, your expenses become planned, controlled, and budgeted. These costs become predictable, helping you have a solid understanding of what your organisation and various locations will use and when you’ll be using it.

The value to your businesses that information technology professional services providers bring will go far beyond the expense reduction from the efficiencies they bring, resulting in well-earned savings. In many cases, organisations may see extreme savings from not having to pay expert IT professionals internally. Onboarding and educating IT professionals will become costly, and not to mention the inclusion of possible turnover costs.

2. Bring on the Trained, Experienced, Qualified, Certified Experts

If you are not an expert in every single area of technology, how do you ensure the individuals you are considering internally will be fully qualified?

Certifications are important to consider when looking at an internal IT professional but having the experience information technology professional services providers have from working on similar projects and industries that you are focused on, brings value far beyond certifications.

The benefits and expertise that IT providers have will allow specialisation on each project, which would potentially require multiple, costly talent hires to cover these specific areas.

Managed IT Services and consulting providers have access to extensive specialists and technicians that will surely deliver the specified knowledge that will be needed to see a project through successfully.

You may also find it difficult to keep an internal IT professional at a competitive wage with the growing market. Additional expenses will include keeping up with the latest technologies and continuing to keep them satisfied with their internal growth up the ladder.

A solid IT consulting services provider will always be up-to-speed on cutting edge technologies with a breadth of knowledge that will directly impact your growth and ensure you are solving problems faster than ever before.

3. Keep Your Business Competitive with Increased Efficiency

Businesses that continually try to implement in-house IT services will see that they spend time on research, implementation, development, and various other areas which will increase expenses, which then get passed on to your customers.

Tech will surely improve productiveness through communication enablement, knowledge transfer, and collaboration which help IT staff innovate. These abilities pass through an array of IT platforms, databases, servers, e-mails, etc.

With this, productivity may never be reached to the fullest internally without prior and ongoing knowledge/best practices from planning, implementation, and maintenance of similar systems, which information technology professional services providers can deliver.

4. Implement New Technology… and do it FAST

A valuable external IT consulting and services provider will have all the necessary tools and resources to immediately get your vital projects off the ground. You may see weeks or months go by as you try to handle the same sort of project internally after onboarding the correct professionals, educating them, and continually providing support as they need it.

Valuable outsourced IT services providers will bring many years of expertise from their work on similar projects and in similar industries as yours, which will provide immediate ROI. Continued value is the advantage of up-to-date technology that will help bring out the competitive edge for your organisation.

Most managed IT services and consulting partners keep updated on the newest IT with continued education and real-life experience working with these information technologies. They will also know precisely what to do during the implementation of new software, network applications, and specialised hardware that is currently available on the market (as well as which technologies to stay clear from that are not worth investing in).

Top outsourced IT consulting providers will have the ability to react swiftly when threats arise and make necessary moves at the right time—a competitive advantage you do not always have in-house.

5. Streamline Your Focus on Core Initiatives

Your organisation may have limited resources, and on top of this, you have limited time to spare. Outsourcing your IT initiatives will help your organisation remain focused on your core initiatives without the distraction that complex IT decisions will bring to your plate.

The energy and time spent figuring out minor information technology issues provide a very high opportunity cost. When outsourcing IT services, you and your team will free up time to focus on true revenue-generating initiatives. As a decision-maker in your business, you likely want to focus on more important strategies rather than dealing with the frustrations which may have little impact on your organisation’s larger goals.

6. Get Rid of Top Risks

IT Professional Services Providers take on and maintain many IT-related risks so that you do not have to. With specialised knowledge of your industry, specifically around compliance and security, you’ll be grateful for these reduced stresses.

These experienced professionals are knowledgeable about when and how to avoid detrimental risks. Internal turnover creates a loss of knowledge for particular roles as it relates to your company’s network and structure. Outsourcing removes this risk as they will have teams in place that know your business inside and out.

7. Don’t Forget About the Silent Compliance and Security Threats

Compliance and security are common concerns for IT leaders; having an updated security strategy to protect your network is something you hold highly important within your organisation.

Managed IT Consulting providers will typically ensure that your cyber security is in place with the latest updates to ensure your business and network are secure as they should be.


Information technology is consistently changing at a pace many struggle to keep up with. Leading technology experts continue to increase their educational endeavours but keep up with the evolving IT landscape; many will find that there are plenty of challenges and time restraints.

As your organisation grows, your IT requirements will continue to change. Allowing an IT professional services provider to take on much of this responsibility will reduce and control your overall costs while increasing the efficient and competitive nature that will allow you to scale at greater rates. Contact New Era today to learn more.