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Digital transformation uses technology to reimagine how businesses work—from strategy to operations to customer connections. New Era delivers holistic digital transformation solutions that position your business for whatever comes next.

digital transformation

Comprehensive Digital Transformation Services


Drive foundational alignment


Redefine customer engagement


Accelerate time to value


Modernize your ecosystem

Systems Integration

 Creating complex systems


Securing digital outcomes

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More than 70% of digital transformations fall short of their objectives—often with profound consequences.

New Era helps you build momentum in a digital-first world so you’re ready for whatever the future holds.

  • We leverage data insights, user experience design, and technology solutions to reimagine how you do business and connect with your customers.
  • We’re global leaders in digital transformation – uniting digital, data, security, and technology experts to deliver end-to-end solutions that support the ongoing evolution of the world’s leading organizations.

How can we help?

Let us know where you are on your digital transformation journey and what you have in mind. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how New Era’s holistic approach to digital transformation can help your organization get – and stay – future-ready.


Drive foundational alignment across the business.

Navigating today’s dynamic business landscape can be challenging. New Era helps you cut through the noise to find the right solution for your organization. Our multidisciplinary approach delivers actionable roadmaps driven by data, powered by right-fit technology, and brought to life through flexible, accessible design.


Process Optimization

Streamline, evolve, and accelerate

pen testing

Technology Infrastructure

Modernize, develop, implement, rebalance

security assessments

Organizational Structure

Maximize efficiency, support innovation

application security

Change Management

Support your teams to shift your culture


Reimagine how you connect with your customer.

Your customers expect a seamless brand experience. New Era helps you understand and anticipate their needs – driving engagement and impact in the right channel at the right time. Our multidisciplinary teams transform your website, applications, marketing, and overall customer experience into significant business engines.


Digital Marketing

Branding, omnichannel campaigns, design


Web Platform Development

UX & visual design, SEO, development


Customer Experience

Personas, customer journeys, testing

physical security

UX Research and Design

Personas, customer journeys, testing

multi factor authentication

Marketing Operations Consulting

Email, social, graphics, analytics

multi factor authentication

Mobile App Development

UI/UX, iOS/Android, front-end/back-end, IoT/wearables

managed vulnerability assessment

Martech Solutions

Platform selection, optimization, and integration

physical security


Audits, remediation, design

Key Experience Partnerships



Unleash the power of information to accelerate the value of data across your organization.

Give your teams better access to and understanding of your enterprise data. Develop a pragmatic, enterprise-level view of the strategy, stewardship, governance, and architecture you need to leverage data as an asset.


Data Modernization


Data Virtualization

Unified view of data regardless of format and source


Strategic Data Management

Maturity, governance, stewardship

physical security

Data Architecture and Integration

Assessment, model development, engineering

multi factor authentication

BI and Analytics

Self-service, embedded analytics, real-time insights

multi factor authentication

AI and Machine Learning

Model development, data engineering, predictive analytics

managed vulnerability assessment

Customer Data Strategy

Use case, architecture, delivery

physical security

First-Party Data Strategy

Data sourcing, third-party cookie replacement strategy


Master Data Management

Analysis, process engineering, implementation


Quality & Governance

Key Data Partnerships

Power BI


Key Technology Partnerships


Build a modern, scalable technology ecosystem to support your business for whatever comes next.

Even the most revolutionary technologies can fail in the absence of a carefully considered strategy. Instead of wasting resources on technology for its own sake, our team helps you focus on the right solutions to reach your customers, empower your workforce, and achieve your business goals.


Application Development

Modernization, custom development, cloud apps


API Consulting

Integration strategy, API design and development, API marketplace


Emerging Technologies

Machine learning, deep learning, AI, VR, AR, XR

physical security

Software Testing

Manual, automated, exploratory, regulatory, TaaS


Identity & Access Management

OAuth, OIDC, SAML, Okta, Azure AD/B2C, AWS DS/Cognito


Cloud Infrastructure

Hybrid cloud, cloud migration, hosting, security

Systems Integration

Key Systems Integration Partnerships

Secure Transformation

Enhancing the security of your data.

Secure Transformation is the application of comprehensive security principles, tools, and methods to enable and accelerate the secure adoption of modern software, infrastructure, and platform technologies.


Cloud & Infrastructure Migrations

disaster recovery as a service

Platform Engineering

back up as a service

Data Integrity, Analytics & Modernization


Business Process Transformation

disaster recovery as a service

Business Technology & Application Modernization

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