Smart Buildings & IoT


Smart Buildings & IoT Solutions

New Era offers developers and contractors a suite of technology solutions backed by extensive consultation and managed by a single point of contact, to ensure all smart building projects are stacked with the right tools and resources.

Reduce deployment risks and accelerate project completion with New Era’s professional design, deployment, and integration services. Dedicated project managers work closely with you and contractors to plan and manage projects from start to finish.

Enhanced Financials

Increase property value, attract and retain tenants.

Energy Savings

Reduce energy cost and waste.


Carbon footprint reduction.

Operational Efficiency

Reduce maintenance time and costs.

Occupant Satisfaction

Increase occupant comfort, safety and productivity.

New Era’s IoT Solutions

  • Adoption of IoT by establishing connectivity to wired, wireless, and cellular networks; securing IoT endpoints, and helping you extract, compute, and transport IoT data
  • Smart Building automation and control systems, including BMS systems, lighting, HVAC, and physical security solutions
  • Communication solutions that streamline and integrate collaboration and UC technologies, including audio-visual technology, telephony, audio and video conferencing, unified messaging, digital signage / wayfinding and more
  • State-of-the-art security solutions built to scale
  • Managed services to keep all systems maintained and monitored — 24/7
  • Infrastructure assessments, design services, and installation
  • IBEW Union affiliated

Smart Building & IoT Use Cases

Predictive HVAC based on weather forecast and anticipated occupancy
Access Control

Increased HMI usability evolves toward buttonless building with predictive access, elevator controls

Digital Signage
Dynamic personalized signage based on current events and visitors
Physical Security
Centrally managed physical and logical security and safety
Resource Availability
Realtime conference room availability and flexible workspace allocation
Air Quality
Air quality detection and adjustment between fresh and purified air
Lighting Control
Natural light sensing, selective fixture dimming. Personalized lighting control to match tasks and circadian rhythm
Indoor mapping, wayfinding for locating conference rooms and shared spaces
Asset Tracking
Asset tracking for, devices, hardware, support areas
Facial Recognition

CCTR facial recognition and health screening

Meet with an IoT Smart Building Expert

New Era’s team can work alongside your staff to develop an IoT strategy to determine the best way for you to manage your 4th building utility-Technology.
iot matters

Why IoT Matters?

IoT/OT devices constantly monitor and collect data, which is used for better decision making. Imagine an IoT tracker could feed you real-time data on your product, allowing you to make improvements on the manufacturing line.

Another reason IoT matters is how IoT devices can help with real-time tracking and monitoring your systems. Building management can reduce utility expenses with temperature sensors partnered with visitor management. Reach out to us to discover new ways to create a converged network that allows you to make decisions based on real-time data.

Industries Who Benefit From Converged Technology

IoT Products That Deliver Real Results for Real Market Needs

Leveraging our extensive knowledge from working with customers across a diverse set of markets, we develop creative, custom solutions designed for your specific industry.

  • Banking and Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Pharma
  • Oil & Gas
  • Higher Education


Achieve Business Objectives with New Era Solutions for Smart Buildings & IoT.


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IoT Smart Buildings

New Era collaborates with Building Technology providers, MEP Engineering Firms, Property Developers and technical partners to design and deploy converged building automation solutions. Download this solution brief to learn more.

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Banking Technology Solution Partners

Aruba Networks
Axis Communications
Avaya Edge
Palo Alto

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