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CloudBlu, New Era Technology’s “As a Service” portfolio of cloud services, provides communication and collaboration services to users faster than ever with our full suite of cloud-hosted services delivered from a highly secure, virtualized platform under a centralized management system.

New Era makes it easy to migrate technology and applications to the cloud and offload much of the hardware and power demands that come with maintaining a network. We deliver the benefits of industry-leading technology, outstanding service level agreements, and predictable operation costs.

  • Ability to easily expand or contract infrastructure without adding or subtracting hardware
  • Dynamic, scalable solutions allow for more agility
  • Public, private, and hybrid options to suit your organization’s budget and security needs
  • Best-of-breed security technology to keep your data safe


Achieve Business Outcomes with New Era CloudBlu.


Contact Center

New Era’s Contact Center as a Service (CaaS) solution helps you deliver the ultimate customer experience through scalability, flexibility, and responsive handling as call volume fluctuates. Maximize your investment by using a cloud-based contact center to extend your capabilities, while paying only for the technology you need.


Teams Direct Routing

New Era’s TDRaaS is a turnkey solution that enables Teams users to seamlessly place and receive calls, in and outside of their organization, from any phone in the world. This fully managed solution eliminates telecom infrastructure costs and the complexity and management of direct routing for customers.


Unified Communications

Gain the flexibility and agility you need to grow your business with New Era’s Unified Communications as a Service, which include features like HD voice, video conferencing, and multichannel contact center. With New Era, you get a modern engagement solution that delivers mobility, availability, multimedia experiences for each user and open architecture with white-glove installation.



New Era’s SIP as a Service provides high-quality calling across North America and can be provisioned in real-time, installed, and turned up remotely—all within days and not weeks—while being flexible, scalable, and backed by world-class support.


Vulnerability Assessment

New Era’s Vulnerability Assessment as a Service (VAaaS) solutions automate the full spectrum of auditing, compliance, and protection of your IT systems and web applications by detecting and protecting against attacks, anytime, anywhere.



Remove the worry and wasted time spent managing the tapes or hard disks of a traditional infrastructure. New Era’s Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution streamlines the complexities of an often disparate technology backup strategy and reduces the upfront investment in infrastructure. Gain a full backup solution at your fingertips with accessibility, safety, affordability, reliability, and simplicity. 


Disaster Recovery

New Era’s disaster recovery solutions offer reliability and protect against the effects of any event or disaster that threatens your infrastructure’s ability to power your technology initiatives. A solid disaster recovery plan ensures that even in the event of a data center shutdown, you can continue your organizational objectives with little downtime. With New Era you receive fully managed DR, allowing you to run in the cloud until you restore data center operations.


Digital Signage

With New Era’s Digital Signage as a Service, you can streamline the presentation of a diverse collection of video formats, still images, and RSS feeds — all with your own content. Our remote monitoring and management service provides real-time resources for your digital signage system.



New Era’s Wireless as a Service (WaaS) is simplified management, configuration, support, and upgrade to your Wi-Fi network delivered as an easy to manage monthly service. New Era combines Wi-Fi 6 with a secure onboarding system, enabling your IT department to quickly and without a doubt secure the network, users and wireless devices.



New Era’s Software as a Service (SaaS) offering is stacked with a full range of leading software subscription options from mobility management to productivity software. SaaS gives your organization flexible, powerful management tools to make sure users are always on a current application version. We work with you to define a migration and deployment plan that suits your company.



New Era’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution provides the backbone for your technology initiatives with lightning-fast connection over the network, access to all your data, and optimization between the cloud and physical infrastructure. This gives you the power to host any or all of your server and storage solutions securely in the cloud, maximizing the reliability, availability, and scalability of your infrastructure.


Video Surveillance

New Era’s Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) is a unique service that records video in the cloud, eliminating the need for any on-premise servers. With no servers or software to install, organizations can deploy their video surveillance system in no time, and without requiring any IT involvement for on-going maintenance or updates.

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We deliver solutions that are rooted in collaboration and innovation to provide creative solutions using the best technologies for our customers.

  • Diverse portfolio of technology projects with intricate designs and system integration across varied industries
  • 120+ engineers and technicians certified by leading technology manufacturers and professional industry organizations, including Cisco, Extreme Networks, AVIXA, Hewlett-Packard Aruba, Avaya, and many others
  • Over 25 years of experience in the planning, design, and implementation of complex solutions
  • Access to our highly experienced support team and our 24/7 Network Operations Center



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Deliver communication and collaboration services to users faster than ever with our full suite of cloud-hosted services delivered from a highly secure, virtualized platform under a centralized management system.


Vulnerability Assessment Solutions

Automate the full spectrum of auditing, compliance, and protection of your IT systems and web applications by detecting and protecting against attacks, anytime, anywhere.

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