Technology for the Retail Industry

New Era’s retail expertise spans multiple states, time zones, and countries, making us a trusted and experienced Global Retail Technology Integrator. ​

With a substantial Fortune 100 & 500 clientele, we ensure reliable services for growing retail companies. Our focus is maintaining consistent installation, configuration, and support across all locations, meeting your technology demands. ​

The New Era Retail Solution Portfolio

With a strong understanding of the retail market, we have created a unique portfolio of solutions to address a growing retail footprint.
New Era has a dedicated team 24/7 ready to support you. 

Low Voltage Cabling Servces

Low Voltage Cabling Services

Low voltage cabling is a critical component for technology of all kinds. New Era Technology has the field resources needed to cover your low-voltage and high-voltage electrical needs to guarantee the highest performance level from the installed devices.

Technology Deployments

Installation consistency while deploying new technologies across your entire retail chain presents a unique challenge. Count on New Era’s 30+ years of retail experience and guarantee your new technologies will be deployed consistently from site to site, on budget, and on time.

Digital Signage

From design to installation, we offer a wide range of digital signage solutions, including wayfinding options and large video walls capable of vividly displaying webpages, videos, directions, restaurant menus, marketing messages, and /or digital images.

Enterprise & Wireless Networking

Enterprise & Wireless Networking

The foundation of your business starts with a reliable network. In today’s Wi-Fi-enabled world, a properly designed and installed network is more important than ever.

Audio Visual

Audio Visual - A/V

Audio-visual systems are transforming the virtual workforce and improving the remote customer experience. From design to installation, we have all your A/V needs covered.

Physical Security

Physical Security

From servicing legacy hardware platforms to designing and installing the most up-to-date physical security solutions, New Era has you covered. Look to New Era Technology for all your video surveillance, card access, mass notification, and intrusion alarm needs.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Data is power, and New Era has a Team of resources ready to help unlock the information your customers are sharing.

warehousing taging configuration

Warehousing, Staging and Configuration

There is no need to wait days, weeks, or months for your technology products to ship to the store. New Era can have your equipment staged, configured, tested, and ready to ship to ensure on-time completion in the field.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Increase the overall efficiency of your IT department while improving the uptime of your critical network infrastructure. Look to New Era’s Managed Services Team for network and network device monitoring, server management, cybersecurity, helpdesk support, and more.

The New Era Process to Support Retail Needs

The Retail Industry demands consistency, unlike any other industry. With multiple locations across town or the world, you need a repeatable process and team to handle your needs. 

We follow best industry practices to ensure you get a repeatable technology solution perfect for your needs. 

Video Alarm Services Powered by Artificial Intelligence

AI-based Video Alarm 

Improve the safety of your people and facilities by leveraging your existing video surveillance system. Fueled by AI technology, this service allows you to improve security and responsiveness thanks to the capabilities of the feature-rich video alarm system combined with real-time visual verification.

How can AI-Based Video Alarms Protect Your Business?

  • A typical movement, such as an individual moving away from a typical path or a vehicle on the sidewalk
  • Groups of people in a location normally out of bound
  • Individuals carrying objects or weapons that are not typically seen
  • Quick or sudden movements such as an altercation
  • Any new entity in a space that is restricted (human or animal)
  • Facial recognition
  • Analyzing traffic or spaces for parking (NOTE: Analyzing is misspelled on the PS page)
  • Smoke, fire, or any form of leakage that pertains to water or chemical
  • Movement that is not authorized before an access control security system
  • Ability to detect and recognize vehicles and license plates
  • Announcing and alerting in human voice when an intruder enters a secure area

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What Our Customers Say

New Era has proven to be a value-added partner by not behaving like a vendor supplier, but understanding the impact of the work they deliver to the success of Chipotle.


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