New Era Technology Brightens the Franklin Institute Rotunda


The Franklin Institute

New Era Technology Brightens the Franklin Institute Rotunda

The Franklin Institute is a not-for-profit museum that employs state-of-the-art technology throughout the facility in its 12 permanent exhibit galleries. One crucial area of the museum, the Franklin Institute rotunda, was in desperate need of a projection system upgrade.

The rotunda houses the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial and is the gateway to the rest of the museum’s exhibits and serves as an attraction of its own right. The focal point of the rotunda is a marble statue of Benjamin Franklin, but of equal interest to museum visitors are the multimedia displays around the rotunda, projecting quotes from Benjamin Franklin and clips that showcase his many inventions and contributions to science.

New Era was tasked to find a modern projection solution for multiple ceiling height displays 40 feet off the ground. The projectors would be required to fit on the 26-inch ledge and include an integrated sled to make maintenance easy. The team fabricated a Unistrut sled and painted them to match the surroundings to ensure the visible pieces did not distract from the architectural beauty of the rotunda.

The projectors include networking capabilities for remote access over the museum’s LAN, and will integrate easily with future system upgrades. The new projectors dramatically reduced maintenance costs by tens of thousands of dollars per year – the main goal for the Franklin Institute. 

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