Optimizing the Wireless Onboarding Experience for Quincy College


Quincy College: Optimizing the Wireless Onboarding Experience

 Wireless Project Summary

Quincy College is a public institution serving approximately 4,000 students at two campuses located in Quincy and Plymouth, Massachusetts. Quincy College was seeking to optimize their wireless onboarding experience for incoming students and provide a more secure network for their campus.

Wireless Challenge New Era Technology Needed to Solve

Recommend and deploy cloud solutions that adhered to a strict deadline, considered technology limitations, ensured an overall secure network, and simplified the onboarding experience for incoming students at Quincy College.

Wi-Fi as a Service Solution

Based on a long-standing relationship, Quincy College turned to New Era Technology for their recommendations and expertise to successfully integrate and deploy cloud solutions that would support a more simplified and secure wireless onboarding process. Wi-Fi as a Service (WaaS) radically simplified the experience, secured Quincy’s network and devices, while supporting more users at a lower cost.

Process to Deploy a Wireless Onboarding Experience

Quincy looked to New Era as a trusted adviser for this project based on their 10-year history of working together. During initial conversations, Quincy identified their concern foronboarding thousands of students to their wireless network securely at the same time. Quincy recognized the burden this could become for their IT department from a troubleshooting and service standpoint. Their goal was to ensure students would be able to connect to their network before arriving on campus as an incoming student. After identifying concerns and further understanding of Quincy’s existing infrastructure, New Era recommended Wi-Fi as a Service (WaaS) as asolution.

“Today’s college students expect the “always-on, always-available” connectivity that is robust and stable. Partnering with New Era Technology allowed Quincy College to migrate from a costly, premise-based legacy wireless system, to a dynamic cloud-based modern product.”

Outcome Included Reducing Overhead Costs

New Era Technology served as a trusted adviser to Quincy College by understanding Quincy’s overall goal to present a customized solution that provided a simplified experience and ensured overall network security while reducing IT overhead costs for years to come.

Additional Resources

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