Webex Contact Center

An innovative contact center solution in the cloud

With Webex Cloud Center you can drive better engagement between your customers and your business. With data-driven artificial intelligence capabilities you help your agents deliver personalized customer experiences and drive deeper customer engagement that improves sales conversions, revenue, retention, customer satisfaction scores, and first contact resolution. The integrated collaboration tools lets your agents work together to improve customer experience and enhance every interaction.


Routing & queuing

With Webex Cloud Center you can distribute calls across agents in multiple and/or remote sites based on skills, capacity, load balance and agent availability.

Distribute queues

With Webex Cloud Center you can distribute all queues, including overflow queues based on skill set, group cascading and more.

Dashboards & analyses

 With Webex Cloud Center you get real-time operations dashboards that will help you  maximize performance and productivity by cross-analyzing customer and agent activity with business results.

Personal customer service

With Webex Cloud Center you get unified voice, email, and chat communications, and an interaction history overview to understand the context better and improve personal customer service.

Record calls

With Webex Cloud Center you can record calls, create recording schedules, and search for specific recordings by call attributes.

Email & chat capabilities

With Webex Cloud Center you can create standard email response templates and automated email routing rules based on subject line. The secure, AI-powered chatbots offer 24/7 self-service.

Your agents can work anywhere

Everyone’s becoming more flexible in the way they work, and in where they work. With Webex Contact Center you can quickly enable your agents to take calls from anywhere. Perfect for when you need to offload expanding call volume or when your agents need to work from home.

Integration with everyday business applications

With pre-built connectors you can bring contact center functionality into the business apps your agents already use, like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Zendesk. This results in seamless workflows that improve contact center performance and first contact resolution, increases productivity with less complexity, and creates a unified user experience for your agent’s entire workflow.

Not just a contact center. An experience center.

  • Customer first – With Webex Cloud Center your customers can connect their way, using text, social media, chat, email, or voice.
  • Enhanced agent experiences – With AI-powered agent assistance and a new, user-optimized agent desktop you can enhance your agent’s experience and increase their productivity.
  • Fully customizable – Webex Cloud Center is out-of-the-box ready and fully customizable.
  • Enhance every experience – The messaging, video, and calling tools let agents work together to enhance every customer’s experience.

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Webex Contact Center

An innovative contact center solution in the cloud to drive better engagement between your customers and your business.  

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