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New Era Technology and Logitech provide you access to superior audio and video collaboration equipment. Together, we outfit your meeting spaces to meet your unique needs.

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Video Conferencing Solutions, Systems & Equipment

Video Conferencing Solutions

Video conferencing solutions, systems, and equipment have become integral components of modern communication,  particularly in remote work and global connectivity. These technologies facilitate virtual face-to-face meetings, enabling individuals and businesses to collaborate seamlessly across different locations.

Video conferencing systems typically include a combination of hardware and software components, including video cameras, microphones, speakers, codecs, and user interfaces. Leading companies such as Logitech, provide comprehensive peripherals that support real-time audio and video communication, screen sharing, and collaboration features.

Logitech’s solutions have proven invaluable in enhancing productivity, reducing travel costs, and fostering effective communication among teams distributed across the globe. Logitech keeps improving video conferencing equipment with AI enhancements and better security, making virtual meetings more engaging and safe.

Why New Era Technology & Logitech Partner

Why New Era Technology & Logitech Partner 

Logitech’s product portfolio spans a wide range of devices, including mice, keyboards, webcams, speakers, and gaming peripherals. Logitech commits to ergonomic design, cutting-edge technology, and user-friendly interfaces. They aim to push technology boundaries and provide intuitive products.

Video Conferencing in the Modern Workplace

The hybrid model of work is upon us. Providing employees with effective video conferencing technology that they can use at the office, from their home workspace, or while on the road is a must to build a collaboration culture and retain talent. You need a partner who can provide smart, simple solutions that prevent end-user stress and frustration. Here are 13 factors to consider when evaluating a video conferencing solution.

Video Conferencing in the Modern Workplace
Meeting Room Design and Implementation

Meeting Room Design and Implementation 

Our designers and AV experts collaborate with clients to design unique meeting spaces. We carefully craft these spaces to achieve a balance between architectural form, system function, flexibility, and budget.

New Era can create audio visual and video conferencing systems for any size or purpose. They can set up these systems in small meeting rooms, large boardrooms, and theaters.

Video Collaboration Managed Services 

Experience a comprehensive, fully-managed service catering to every aspect of your video collaboration needs. Our solution empowers organizations to seamlessly support users across diverse locations and devices, fostering enhanced productivity and driving superior business outcomes. We prioritize delivering an unparalleled collaboration experience, enabling effective operation whether users are in the office or working remotely.

Our vendor-agnostic strategy sets us apart, enabling the seamless integration and management of multiple vendors and collaboration technologies under a unified SLA.

Video Collaboration Managed Services

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