90,000 End-Point Migration for Healthcare Insurer

2 Minutes Read


A Fortune 500 Healthcare Insurer engaged Microsoft and New Era Technology to migrate mail objects from internal infrastructure of multiple acquisitions from the past to Exchange Online multi-tenant.


Beyond the standard challenges of healthcare services requiring no downtime, the project was implemented while the organization was a key player in COVID-19 response.


New Era planned, designed, built and maintained databases, schedules, executed migration communications, while monitoring and responding to inquiries received by the project mailbox. Other accomplishments included conducting daily coordination, meetings, reporting, and go-live activities, tracking object readiness and migration status, and provided tailored reporting for all project teams and stakeholders.


Goals achieved included migrating all objected hosted in Exchange On-Premise to Exchange Online, and migrating all mailbox archives hosted locally to Exchange Online. This service enabled the client to understand where each object
stood specific to readiness and which blockers existed to prioritize activities.

Download the full project highlight below.

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