Fortinet Security & Network Services for Everbridge

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Everbridge is a critical events management platform, delivering the only all-channel, intelligent, critical communications to help protect people. Serving over 5,000 customers and reaching 550+ million people, technology is critical to the underpinning of Everbridge’s platforms and keeping people safe. 


Everbridge connected with New Era Technology after experiencing frustration with disparate equipment. Growing by acquisition, Everbridge struggled with multiple manufacturers and therefore was always learning new equipment in repeated cycles due to this growth.


Everbridge was searching for a networking and security platform solution. After reviewing other companies and their security offerings, Everbridge chose Fortinet based on the comprehensive suite of security solutions, networking components and the ability for their products to work together, creating no risks or security gaps. New Era Technology
served as a trusted advisor with global reach, delivering the solution in a timely manner and managing the implementation and rollout.


Everbridge planned a phased rollout for this integration. The first phase included implementing Fortinet’s switching, routing, and firewall technology. The following phases include SD-WAN solutions built into native firewalls and replacing a competitor’s solution, a network access control system, and implementing EMS. The EMS offering replaces
the current antivirus and aids on vulnerability management and critical risk intelligence.

This solution allows Everbridge to have a distributed workforce, working safely and remotely no matter where they are in the world. Thanks to this platform, Everbridge is prepared for the future as it provides the ability to expand and grow alongside the platform.

Download the full case study below.


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