HPE and New Era Build the Right Cloud Solution

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Accelerating digital transformation with an edge-to-cloud approach


New Era Technology and J. J. Keller worked together to find the right cloud solution to help accelerate their digital transformation and grow multiple customer-facing businesses over the past year.


The process started when J. J. Keller turned to New Era Technology for ways to replace its aging Dell-based infrastructure and adopt the latest compute and storage solutions. The HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform quickly became the right edge-to-cloud approach. The transition to the new model also consolidated workflows that previously ran on multiple platforms, reducing the number of platforms from six to two. These include various applications across VMware, Veeam, Microsoft SQL, Red Hat, SUSE, SAP and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that are now supported on high-performing HPE ProLiant servers, HPE Primera for intelligent storage and HPE Apollo 4000 systems for data analytics and archival needs.

J. J. Keller immediately realized outcomes of its digital transformation and grew multiple customer-facing businesses over the past year. These results include doubling its Managed Services and Consulting offerings, tripling its SafeGear line of personal protective equipment (PPE), and expanding its Safe & Smart Driver Training by five times.


As a trusted partner to J. J. Keller, New Era Technology provided extensive consulting and recommended the HPE GreenLake solution to support J. J. Keller’s needs to scale while enabling clear visibility into workloads and associated expenses.

“We made this happen by getting to know J. J. Keller’s team and understanding their goals for meeting their customers’ future needs,” said Joe Gillis, Business Development Director at New Era Technology, US. “We recognized that HPE GreenLake provides the ideal platform to prepare customers for an edge-to-cloud future, and become problem solvers focused on clearing out aging equipment, and providing the service reliability and cost predictability J. J. Keller needed.”

New Era Technology Can Help With Your Digital Transformation

New Era Technology offers many CloudBlu solutions to help your organization scale quickly while controlling costs. If you are interested in learning more, please download the J.J. Keller case study or email us at solutions@neweratech.com.

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