Improving the Customer Care Experience for Apria Healthcare

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Apria Healthcare is one of the nation’s leading providers of home respiratory services and critical medical equipment. Headquartered in Lake Forest, California, Apria serves 1.8 million customers a year across the country through 350 offices. Apria offers essential medical equipment that demands accurate and timely delivery. The customer care experience is critial to their business.


Due to hyper-growth from the past decade, Apria Healthcare was unable to maintain its standards for customer service for both its’ logistic operations and customer care organization. Due to the significant growth, Apria’s offerings expanded, and additional layers of routing and skills groups were forced without the ability to add agents. This process created complex routing requirements that were difficult to administer and lacked robust real-time reporting, giving Apria minimal visibility to make real-time decisions for staffing and scheduling.


Apria identified the critical need to streamline operations to simplify their process and make it easy for customers to buy from them. After an extensive evaluation process versus the leading ACD providers, Apria selected New Era Technology to provide a contact center and to deliver a comprehensive customer care experience platform to alleviate these pain points.


Apria’s primary business driver for this project was to reduce customer care complexity and lower costs. Apria lacked visibility into the solution platform, which otherwise could have averted performance issues or at least helped to reduce the significant amount of solution downtime experienced with their previous cloud provider. New Era Technology’s CloudBlu solution provided Apria with a range of dashboards and automated tools to quickly identify and isolate network versus contact center-related issues and deep performance metrics, providing an advanced warning system of potential issues. Over time, the increased visibility and performance data allowed Apria to address key network and process improvements, driving further enterprise stability and performance.

Working with New Era Technology provided a stable, highly-automated single contact center for all in-house and outsourced agents at Apria Healthcare. The cloud platform provided the flexibility and technology shift Apria desired to ensure their standards and process for customer care were improved.

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