Project Services State Contract

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, through the operational Services Division (OSD), has awarded New Era Technology a position on the ITS53ProjServSP contract. Through this contract, New Era provides IT professional services focused on information security, systems integration, and planning.

Information Security Services

Includes development, customization, selection and/or implementation of information security services including, but not limited to, application security design and implementation, authentication and authorization, identity management, infrastructure security, security risk assessment, and vulnerability analysis.

Systems Integration / Networking

Includes assembling complete systems out of multiple hardware and/or systems software components, and integrating them so all work together in a manner consistent with the organization’s enterprise architecture. Networking includes network analysis and design/development, end-to-end integration of voice and data services including Voice Over IP (VOIP), and telecommunications systems design, development and integration. This subcategory also includes virtualization projects.

Systems Planning

Includes preparing or assisting in the preparation of feasibility studies, needs assessments, business process re-engineering, requirements definitions, advanced planning documents, and other works related to systems planning. In addition, this subcategory includes business process management services: selection and/or implementation of business process management services including, but not limited to, streamlining of internal processes, business process re-engineering, business modeling and workflow mapping.

Software and Systems Development

Includes all aspects of planning, designing, coding, testing, validating, and maintaining a software application or system.

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