Consolidating A Public Water Supply Company’s System into Advanced Unified Communications Technology

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New Era Technology and a Public Water Supply Company have had a long-term relationship for over ten years as New Era was the integrator to upgrade and migrate six phone systems throughout the state of Connecticut. Over the past two years, New Era has been working with the company to migrate from their existing Avaya CM at their Corporate headquarters to a new Avaya IP office. The customer selected New Era Technology to replace the headquarters‘ systems due to the deep partnership and trust built supporting the company’s other locations.


Create an integrated communications system to drive effective collaboration, offer a more flexible working environment, improve the customer experience, and reduce operating expenses.


New Era Technology served as a trusted adviser by replacing the headquarters’ aging phone system with an Avaya IP Office Server Edition Solution. The design included redundant servers, PRI, SIP, and analog trunking, with 400 phones and Power users.


A primary benefit to the solution provided was the reduction in total cost of ownership. The new design, which included more advanced and efficient technology, significantly reduced the client’s operating support costs by nearly 80%. Additionally, improved communications and collaboration drove an enhanced employee and customer experience. Creating a state-of-the-art technology communications platform offered significant advantages regarding the integration of applications and reduced expenditures for future upgrades and

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