Integrated Wayfinding Signage at Leading Airport

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Indianapolis International Airport, North America’s top-ranked airport in its class for seven consecutive years, was seeking a solution to solve a wayfinding signage issue. This solution would help direct travelers to the appropriate gate entry, Concourse A or B. This resulted in two, 40-foot structures with accompanying portal wings. The Wayfinding Towers bring together many facets of design and integration – motion detection, adapting to levels of brightness and pedestrian traffic, and displaying local-themed digital graphics for added aesthetics. Complex in shape with zig-zag features, the towers serve as an information tool through a digital art canvas for all travelers entering or exiting the airport.


Integrating direct-view LED technology into a 4K canvas of non-contiguous video elements within two, 40-foot superstructures and accompanying portal wings. Ensuring a fluid, digital art display for the uniquely-shaped structures which featured multi-faceted design elements at North America’s top-ranked airport.

Wayfinding Signage Solution

Collaborating with a local architecture firm, an AV Consultant, and graphic design company, New Era Technology provided integrated solutions that answered a directional challenge. The installation features a digital art canvas, four one of a kind structures, and two informational displays.


Working very closely with the architecture company selected for this project, New Era’s contributions included bringing forward technical data and graphic content, coordinating with the physical structure, and the specific requirements needed to make the project a success.

The preselected design required an intense eye for detail and customization due to the complex angles the structures featured. Zig-zag in shape, with nothing parallel or perpendicular, the towers incorporate unique openings which allow for digital content to be displayed. The custom openings are displayed on the front, back, and one edge of the towers allowing the content to wrap around the physical structures.

“From the very beginning, New Era was terrific in bringing forward technical data, helping us to understand what was needed. They were a great partner and were with us every step of the way.”

The Wayfinding Towers feature separate displays but serve as one large digital canvas. This allows digital content to move between the towers while also integrating with the portal wing structures that accompany the massive structures. Additionally, the motion of the content displayed helps to provide a directional context to travelers, guiding them to the appropriate entry points. The towers also incorporate motion-sensing technology, allowing for slower or faster animation to be displayed, depending on the level of pedestrian activity in the airport.

The use of a non-standard application of LED panels served as a unique element as it required a substantial amount of coordination and collaboration between manufacturer, structural contractor, integrator, designer, and architect for a successful project.

“Our clients require experienced contractors that are excellent at installation. For this project, New Era fulfilled that role and they exceeded our expectation on providing the means and methods needed for this unique project.”


Previously, the entrances to Concourse A & B were not readily-apparent amongst the surrounding retail spaces. The Wayfinding Project helps to move travelers through the atrium to the appropriate concourse entry. This helps to minimize questions and presents valuable information to travelers, including TSA precheck location and checkpoint wait times. With the intent to keep authenticity, surprise, and delight at the forefront of this special project, the combination of the integrated technology and design elements provide an exclusive experience to all travelers entering and exiting the Indianapolis International Airport for years to come.

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