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Physical Security & Life Safety

We recognize the importance of keeping your staff, clients, and property safe. New Era brings together a diverse array of state-of-the-art security solutions to ensure the safety of your environment. We take a holistic approach when reviewing potential threats to determine the best life safety solutions for your business.

  • Our in-house team of experts has extensive experience in the development, implementation and management of security programs
  • Create a unified security system with a single user interface to manage your security solutions
  • Build a strong network to ensure a reliable and secure connection to accommodate a robust security system

Explore New Era’s Security & Life Safety Solutions

Protect your staff, clients, and buildings with state-of-the-art physical security solutions.

Intrusion Detection

Add a layer of security with an intrusion detection system that can detect, track, and isolate intruders. New Era can help you select a solution that is right for your organization, designed to protect your people and assets and work in unison with your access control policies and existing surveillance system. We can define a comprehensive and integrated physical security solution to minimize threats to your facility.

Access Control

Provide enhanced security and safety for your physical and intellectual property with New Era’s extensive portfolio of access control solutions, all of which fully integrate with your video, access, panic, fire, and intrusion solutions. Our access control systems provide enhanced security and safety for physical and intellectual property and work in concert with panic alarms and video surveillance.

Patient Safety

Creating a safe patient environment can have a meaningful impact on care-delivery and your bottom-line. Healthcare organizations face an increasing challenge to provide a safe and comfortable environment for nurses and patients. New Era’s integrated solutions can help your organization reduce risk and empower caregivers to focus on their patients and create positive outcomes.

Fire Alarm

Faulty or aging equipment can disrupt daily operations and put your organization at risk. Taking preventative measures is critical for fire protection and keeping lives and property safe. New Era’s solutions aid in prevention through testing, inspecting, and maintenance. Serviced by our highly-trained employees, our comprehensive solutions can help reduce risk and cost over time through preventative maintenance.

Mass Notification

In the case of an emergency, protecting your assets and delivering critical messages can be life-saving. New Era’s solutions take a holistic approach. We can help you select a solution that is customized specifically for your needs. Our integrated solutions can help protect your facility and occupants while delivering messages in real-time during emergencies. Solutions range from automatic 911 notifications to digital signage, to integration with building control systems.

Video Surveillance

New Era offers video surveillance solutions that secure the safety of people and places and remotely monitor property and facilities. As security management over the IP network expands and intelligence capabilities move out to network cameras, systems can scale more easily. Improve security and responsiveness by integrating a VMS that allows your surveillance system to communicate with your other critical security systems like alarm panels, access control, intercom, and fire systems.

Partner with New Era Technology

We deliver solutions that are rooted in collaboration and innovation to provide creative solutions using the best technologies for our customers.

  • Diverse portfolio of technology projects with intricate designs and system integration across varied industries
  • 120+ engineers and technicians certified by leading technology manufacturers and professional industry organizations, including Cisco, Extreme Networks, AVIXA, Hewlett-Packard Aruba, Avaya, and many others
  • Over 25 years of experience in the planning, design, and implementation of complex solutions
  • Access to our highly experienced support team and our 24/7 Network Operations Center

AI-powered Video Alarm System 

AI-based Video

Alarms enable you to improve your security posture, as any incident will harm your brand image. You also stand to gain from lowered costs in hiring resources to manage the system and having a near-precision security system in place.

What can AI-based Video Alarms Detect?

  • Unusual movement-such as a person walking away from the regular path or a car on the sidewalk.
  • Gathering of people at a place that is normally out of bounds
  • People carrying weapons or objects that are normally not seen
  • Sudden movements-such as a physical fight
  • Any new entity-be it a human or an animal in a restricted space
  • Face recognition
  • Analysing parking spaces and traffic analysis
  • Detecting fire, smoke, and material leakage-be it water or a chemical
  • Unauthorized movement before an access control system
  • Recognizing vehicles and license plates
  • Alerting in a human voice when an intruder enters a secured zone


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