Azure Cloud

Businesses running their technology stack on on-prem infrastructure have challenges with high upfront costs, administration, maintenance, and security of data and applications. Such conventional storage and deployment models impede sustenance and growth in the current competitive times. Cloud computing addresses these challenges and provides storage, App development, and deployment features, focusing on security. The shift to the cloud or a hybrid operational model is no longer a choice but an essentiality.

Microsoft Azure, one of the most popular cloud platforms in recent times, addresses the above challenges with unparalleled flexibility with a wide range of services that simplify your business operations. Whether building and hosting Apps or accessing virtual desktops, Azure gives you a robust, reliable, and secure platform for your business needs.

New Era Technology, a Microsoft Solutions Partner, offers a wide range of Azure cloud solutions and services tailored to your business requirements. Our vast experience delivering custom solutions in Microsoft technologies across various industry verticals gives you the perfect stimulus for your business.

New Era’s Azure Solutions

Azure App Services

Azure App Services is a unified platform for hosting web applications, REST API, and mobile back-ends. The suite is language agnostic, enabling users to develop applications in their preferred programming language. The suite offers enterprise-grade security, flexibility, simplified management, automated scalability and supports Windows and Linux-based environments.

Azure Logic Apps

If you want to automate your manual workflows, Azure Logic Apps offer a perfect platform to develop and deploy custom Apps for your specific business requirements. Logic Apps are deployed on the Azure cloud and used in cloud and on-prem environments. Automating with Azure Logic Apps displaces manual and repetitive actions and saves time, resource allocation, and operational costs.

Windows Virtual Desktops

Windows Virtual Desktop is a configured desktop and an App virtualization service running on the Azure cloud. It replaces conventional physical devices requiring high upfront costs and high-end capabilities. Our Windows Virtual Desktop solutions offer custom configuration, compatibility with Microsoft 365 and Remote Desktop Service environments, and enhanced security and governance per your business model.

Azure Virtual Machines

Azure Virtual Machines is a cloud-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) that offers a perfect and optimal alternative to your on-prem infrastructure. You can easily host your workloads and run a virtualized platform. Azure Virtual Machines are easy-to-use, scalable, secure, and efficient. They benefit you from a usage-based subscription model compared to high upfront costs and maintenance challenges in using the physical infrastructure.

Azure PaaS

Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is a unified environment that enables easy App development and deployment on the Azure cloud. It includes all the features of Azure IaaS. Also, it has middleware, BI, database management, and a wide range of tools and services that give you seamless solutions for your business requirements.

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps is an integrated set of tools in the Azure environment that enables the easy development of custom applications across a wide range of programming languages. Our Azure DevOps solutions help you get customized applications for various business requirements with speed, agility, security, and efficiency.

Why Choose New Era

We do not limit ourselves to building solutions at New Era but have enduring relations with our clients. Our strong domain expertise in the Microsoft technology stack helps us deliver robust, secure, and reliable solutions that leverage the full features of the Azure Cloud. In addition to core development and deployment solutions, we offer the below services.

  • Flexible support and maintenance services to complement your in-house team..
  • Custom security solutions that are built on top of the native features of the Azure cloud environment.
  • Governance solutions to ensure perfect alignment with your business model.
  • Seamless migration services from your existing technology stack

Benefits of Azure Cloud

Cost Savings

Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model that does away with upfront infrastructure and licensing costs


Industry-grade security that protects all your data and applications


Scale upwards as per your emerging business needs without any disruption to your routine operations

Hybrid Model

Retain your existing on-prem infrastructure in combination with Azure cloud

Simplified Maintenance

You get to maintain only your workloads and applications, while Azure maintains the entire cloud landscape

Unified Environment

Build, test, run, deploy, store, and enhance your operations in a unified platform that accelerates your digital transformation

If you are looking for Azure services in UAE, contact us and our experts will be glad to help.