Digital Adoption is the key to the success of any new technological implementation. But what if your employees need help to work with new applications? Are you losing productivity and overburdening your IT staff? Are you facing increased person-hours for operations that affect your customer experience? We have the answer for digital adoption with WalkMe.

Practical training is always a part of change management, but on-time support is equally important. This is where WalkMe comes into play- identifying workflow breaks with personal virtual guidance and automation- anytime and anywhere. With the current remote working model, WalkMe offers instant cues that simplify application usage across various technology platforms. 

WalkMe gives organizations a unified view of the usage of all software applications and helps analyse and track deviations. Our numerous clients have seen value in how WalkMe facilitates seamless digital adoption, better user experience, and increased efficiency within a shorter timeframe.


How You Can Benefit From WalkMe

  • WalkMe for digital adoption comes with a patented Artificial Intelligence-powered DeepUI technology that automatically adapts to changes in your technology stack and gives best-suited recommendations to measure, track, optimize, and automate.
  • WalkMe is the world’s leading digital adoption platform, with an extensive client base that includes some of the world’s leading brands and businesses across all verticals. It works with almost all technology environments.
  • It facilitates your business operations’ governance, regulatory compliance, scalability, and security.
  • Real-time virtual dashboards give a complete view of operations, measure impact with a goal-based model, and drive efficient administration.
  • WalkMe ensures alignment of your organizational goals with a custom implementation that drives seamless operations.
  • It provides expert support, and a vast partner ecosystem ensures that you get the support you need at the right time, paving the way for efficient business continuity.
  • WalkMe offers custom solutions across various platforms, such as SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce, and many more. It also provides tailor-made solutions across different business functions, such as HR, IT, Sales, etc.
  • You can also use WalkMe for diverse use cases, such as digital transformation, change management, support, data integrity, and boosting employee productivity.

Here’s How you can Benefit from WalkMe

WalkMe Security


Enterprise-grade security that protects data and complies with regulatory guidelines for collecting information.

WalkMe Workstation

WalkMe Workstation

Get all your data and applications in a single and personalized hub so that your employees can access them from any device and location.

Deep Data

Deep Data Insights

WalkMe enables you to monitor all your business data, gain insights on digital friction, and make efficient decisions.

Workflow Guidence

Workflow Guidance

Get real-time help on application usage and eliminate bottlenecks in digital adoption with related resources and personalized guidance in using workflows on a self-service model on any device.

Data Privacy

Data Privacy

No personally identifiable data or sensitive information is captured by WalkMe, ensuring complete data safety.

Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates

WalkMe automatically adapts to application updates without needing manual action or re-installation of the tool.

Real Time Response

Real-time Response

Get real-time guidance as soon as needed, ensuring that your operations run uninterrupted and your users are always accessible to guidance.

To know more about how WalkMe can improve your digital adoption, contact us, and we will be glad to help.