MDR Security: Receptive, Mindful, Relevant

By Jaie Solis, President, Enterprise Solutions Group - 14 Jul, 2021
Cyber Security
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Digital Transformation Leads to MDR Security Services

Although most of the world shut down due to the COVID-19 crisis, digital transformation has accelerated over the past 18 months. As organizations adopted a shift to a remote workforce and reduced physical footprint, businesses virtualized customer interaction through video collaboration and B2B connectivity, introduced new technology at velocity through SaaS (Software as a Service), and migrated their workloads across multiple cloud providers. These transformations are not without risk as they increased the number of attack surfaces and vectors, and the speed of adoption left many organizations vulnerable. To be successful in your digital transformation, your security strategy must evolve as well.

We are pleased to announce New Era Technology Managed Detection & Response (MDR), an Extended Detection and Response (XDR) platform and service that identifies threats through advanced cloud-driven analytics and remediates risks through a combination of skilled analysts and Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) workflows.

Be Receptive

It was vital for New Era to build a next-generation detection platform that is receptive to all sources of security information. As a trusted advisor, we recommend to not compromise best-in-class in favor of simplicity, to enable all available security features, and to prioritize security objectives based on risks. Our XDR platform is capable of ingesting data from disparate sources and security solutions to uncover threats in multiple ways:

  • Generate high-fidelity detections by synthesizing raw data
  • Correlate intelligence from observability sources and threat intelligence feeds
  • Take heed of contextualized security guidance from cloud and SaaS providers

Be Mindful

Just as security detections can come from multiple sources, threat responses can be handled in multiple ways to secure the environment. In a scenario where a user’s credentials are compromised, a security response can be orchestrated via a single or multiple security solutions. For example, an Identity & Access Management (IAM) product can disable the compromised user’s credentials; Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) can perform containment on each endpoint that the compromised user accessed; and Next-Generation Firewalls can be updated to disable the compromised user’s egress to the Internet. We are mindful of the fact that not every organization owns or subscribes to the same security solutions, and because of this we have developed and continuously modify workflows that allow MDR to execute responses via multiple solutions. For customers that prescribe to one of our supported best-in-class products, the New Era MDR offers the ability to augment threat response through automated workflows.

Be Relevant

In addition to managing security threats with your existing infrastructure, New Era Technology Managed Detection & Response can strengthen your security posture by measuring risk with our vulnerability management service, and by reducing blind spots with our observability solutions. In order to ensure that your security investments remain relevant in a fast-evolving threat landscape as well as positioned strategically around key assets, risk must be measured continually. Visibility must also be expanded beyond the traditional on-premise infrastructure to, Office 365 and other SaaS, IoT/OT, and cloud environments.

If you are interested in learning more on how your organization can prevent, detect, and maintain threats through New Era MDR, please visit our MDR page or email us at

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Author: Jaie Solis, President, Enterprise Solutions Group

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