New Era’s VNOC Services: Always-On, Always-Ready 24/7

By Paul Schneider, VP of Operations - PA - 16 Nov, 2020
3 Minutes Read

You are sitting at your desk, feeling stressed trying to accommodate a remote work environment during the middle of a pandemic. Before your next meeting, you have set up your kids for virtual learning, and you are trying to quiet your dog. Finally settled, you log in and are ready to start your virtual meeting. You launch your videoconferencing platform, only to realize it’s not working.

“What’s wrong?”
“Where is everyone?”
“Why won’t this work?”

You begin to panic. You realize you may need to call your company’s IT department, but know you may be on hold for a long time or will speak with someone more concerned about opening a ticket rather than resolving the issue promptly.

With New Era Technology’s VNOC Services, there is another option. Imagine clicking on your company’s intranet page and dialing a number. The phone rings and the next sound you hear is, “Hello, New Era Technology VNOC Services, how may I help you?” Immediately your stress eases as your meeting is up and running in a matter of moments, and you were offered to have the call monitored to ensure there are no further connection issues. As video conferencing has become the new norm of daily life, the need for immediate and professional support has gone from an option to a necessity. The workforce needs the ability to communicate with one another, and technology should not be the roadblock.

Benefits of New Era’s VNOC Services

New Era’s VNOC Services offers a variety of communication solutions and can keep customers connected at all times. Rely on New Era’s 24/7 VNOC services to remotely manage and monitor your AV systems and prevent equipment failures or system outages. The always-on, always-ready service ensures your call will be answered to discuss any issue, no matter your location.

Need a meeting scheduled with your colleague in Australia? We can help. Need to remotely produce and support a meeting for 30 different site locations and 1,000 participants? New Era’s VNOC Services can assist you.

Taking the stress out of video communication allows your teams to focus on their daily tasks with as little interruption (and frustration) as possible. We may not be able to keep your dog from barking in the meeting, but we certainly can ensure your video conferencing call is running.

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Author: Paul Schneider, VP of Operations - PA