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Campus Communication Turns to Digital Signage
Technological innovations have revolutionized communication platforms, replacing traditional billboards and other static...
New Era Technology
10 Jan, 2024
AI-Powered Cybersecurity: Future-Proofing in a Digital Age
AI-Powered Cybersecurity with New Era’s SecureBlu: Future-Proofing Businesses in a Digital Age In our increasingly...
Kevin Scott, Director of Security Architecture & Engineering
11 Dec, 2023
Artificial Intelligence’s Role in Education
Introduction In the webinar led by Tony Gilbert, NZ Sales Director, New Era Technology, we delved into the evolving land...
New Era Technology
30 Nov, 2023
Beyond Displays: Latest Trends in Digital Signage
Like nearly all technology, Digital Signage continues to evolve. Over the last decade, Digital Signage has changed from ...
Chris Turner, Managed Solutions Account Executive
1 Oct, 2022
Video Analytic Integration in Video Management Systems
Imagine a video management system (VMS) that does more than playing back a recorded video based on a recording schedule ...
Joe Gillis, VP of Sales, GVC
23 Oct, 2019
Securing Educational Environments in a Modern World
The safety of children in educational environments is a core concern and topic of conversation. In 2018 and 2019 alone, ...
Mike Harmon, Chief Sales Officer
10 May, 2019

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