Campus Communication Turns to Digital Signage

By New Era Technology - 10 Jan, 2024
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Technological innovations have revolutionized communication platforms, replacing traditional billboards and other static legacy platforms with digital signage boards. It’s no wonder that the digital signage market is spiking in the USA, with spending reaching around $7.87 Billion in 2023, with a projected yearly growth of about 7.88%, as per a study by Business Wire1. Digital signage makes communication appealing and informative in commercial establishments and educational institutions.

Uses of Digital Signage

When it comes to a busy campus, where students flood the halls throughout the day and night, there must be a source of communication available 24/7. Digital signage can take your message and broadcast it in a way that is easily read and open throughout the campus. With this technology, the sky is the limit to your communication, where you can post videos, weather, statements, important information, and more. As per Wikipedia2, the University of Minnesota has around 300 Digital Signage boards for various communication needs.

Traditional static signage has been an excellent tool for many years, but digital signage takes it up a notch.  From its effectiveness to affordability, digital signage is changing the communication game on campuses nationwide.

Benefits of Digital Signage for your Campus

Digital signage is rapidly evolving. Billboards are becoming digitized throughout the country, and video is being used in retail stores to help push coupons and offers. With this tech proliferating, we will see bigger and better education improvements, such as using touchscreens in the classroom.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits in detail.

Expanded Scope of Communication

You can leverage digital signage to create easy, connected, consistent campus communication. Some college campuses and other institutions have tried many communication methods, such as text messaging and mobile applications. However, students must opt in for these services before receiving any notification. Digital signage has no access restrictions and is prominently available for your students, visitors, and staff.

Regardless of size, digital signage creates a consistent messaging center throughout the campus. This means that your pertinent information will be seen and read by the students who walk past throughout the day. Whether displaying examination details or showing your achievements and contributions, digital signage is sure to catch attention and drive the message across to a wider audience.

With digital signage, you can quickly and efficiently add, edit, and remove messaging, keeping consistency at the highest level. You can source your requirements to a third-party service provider, such as New Era Technology’s service offering.

Eliminate Communication Gaps

Traditional means of communication, such as flyers and newsletters, require a lot of resources. You can be confident that communication gaps will find their way in through these traditional means. Students can miss essential notifications, get wrong information, and create a miscommunication error.

With signage, you can eliminate these communication gaps quickly. There won’t be a reason to worry about miscommunications or errors. Instead, you will have complete control of your message, with the desired reach and accuracy.

Deploy Useful Tools for Students

 Although traditional digital means of communication use many slides, new technology gives us tools to benefit faculty and students from the screen. Here are some specific use cases in which these tools can be practical for your campus.

Deploying a Wayfinding Solution

 For large campuses, even returning students may need help navigating their way. Tools are available to deploy a wayfinding solution or an interactive map to help students navigate the campus. This can create a higher morale and responsibility and save time for your faculty.

Deploying an Emergency Alert System

 Disasters and other occurrences happen. Fortunately, we have technology that can help ease the burden of quick communication. When a disaster or an emergency occurs, your digital signage and technology can deploy an emergency alert system to alert students and faculty. Students and faculty get insights on what to do next, with digital signage being easily accessible. 

Create Collaboration among Students and Teachers.

You can increase the collaboration between students, teachers, and other faculty members. Although great for communication, video walls are also well-suited for educational purposes. Teachers can use video walls to bring new life to lessons while allowing students to communicate more effectively and creatively.

Digital signage is a great way to fuel communication and collaboration on your campus. With technology growing rapidly, communication gaps may also grow rapidly. You can leverage your digital signage to close these communication gaps and bring your campus closer together.

For more information on how your campus can benefit from digital signage, contact us and we will be glad to help. Our digital signage solutions include hardware solutions, remote monitoring and reporting, along with content management solutions that seamlessly integrate your campus communication.




Author: New Era Technology