Collaboration Solutions for New Medical Tower

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A community hospital in the Midwest started the construction of a new medical tower to enable colleagues, healthcare providers, physicians, and staff to function at a high level while enhancing care and convenience for patients and family members. Implementing innovative technologies in the tower and additional technology improvements in
the existing hospital facilities were necessary to achieve this. New Era Technology has a long-standing history of performing fire system-related work for this hospital. Additionally, the construction director had an existing relationship with New Era at another hospital. As a result of positive relationships and successful past project outcomes, New Era
Technology was selected as the sole provider of audio visual and virtual collaboration technologies at the hospital and its other facilities.


Offer integrated collaboration solutions for new medical tower, for various-sized rooms to enhance care and convenience for patients and family members.


Multiple rooms of various sizes were updated to the hospital network’s new audio/video standards, using Crestron control and Zoom virtual collaboration technologies. This soon led to New Era expanding the relationship to other systems such as IP paging, room scheduling, digital signage, and more.


New Era provides ongoing support to the hospital’s IT staff with VNOC remote monitoring, scheduled on-site technical
service as needed, preventative maintenance, and a Priority Support program to keep these new patient-centric systems functioning consistently. This holistic approach to implementing technology in a hospital that operates 24/7/365 ensures a more efficient and automated response for elevated patient care and the best health outcomes.

Download the full project highlight below.

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